Thursday, May 27, 2010

Welcome to my world!

Well here I am!  This is my first post ever and up until about 6 weeks ago I had never even looked at a blog let alone known about sewing blogs!  Since then I have done nearly no sewing but have looked at an awful lot!  I am inspired by the amazing work people, not only put into their sewing but also into their blogs ... the hints, the help, the giveaways (I've even won one! from recently) and the laughs have been amazing.  What a wonderful world.  I am going to try to start a little sewing group in our area after seeing a beautiful, tall Kiwi woman (that's a New Zealander for those not in the southern hemisphere) picking up a Burda magazine in the library.  On deeper discussions she was not the one marking the pages so there are at least three of us using them.  (Then I discover her son and my son are at the same tae kwon do school so we see each other and talk sewing and kids at least twice a week.)  My friend also sews (her blog is Worn Out) and hopefully she will join us... 

Some reflections on sewing for me ... I used to think I was pretty good, but now that I have looked at so much lately I realise I am very average.  I nearly never make linings (of course it is too hot here for sweaty linings most of the time anyway) and don't ever make a muslin (and that's why nearly everything I make I give away as it doesn't fit) or I make those non fitted swing type stuff.  Many years ago I started the fashion design course that was then known as Certificate in Apparel production ... I loved the pattern making and did very well but it was for personal use .. I don't want to be a designer or work in fashion; I just like to sew.  Once you know how to sew you really don't want to buy anything because "huh, I could make that better for a lot less" hence I never buy anything and then because I haven't time to sew everything..I have nothing!  Having said that I have recently made an ironing board cover, a printer cover, an apron for my mum and a grocery shopping bag for her, a set of napkins for the Mother's day stall at school, a shirt for my son that he doesn't wear and just finishing a lab coat as a gift for a 6 year old's birthday this Saturday.  Of course the Burda top I started about 2 months ago gets kicked around the sewing room.

Now to the reason I started this blog ... I have some patterns I bought at the Op shop ... a designer Vogue Couturier Design .. what s steal .25cents!  I looked up at some random site for a sale price ....US$45 wow!!! and one that is a Facile Pattern that is listed on the pattern as coming from Clayfield, a suburb in my city of Brisbane.  I have never heard of them and wonder if anyone has?  I would love to hear anything about them.

How cute is that hat!!!  It's a pretty simple pattern but has a nice little cuff on the sleeve; like a half peter pan collar.  This is the first vintage pattern I have seen so I was surprised that it is cut out (is this just a Designer advantage?) and wrapped in tissue paper and then put into the envelope.  I would have made this but as it isn't cut out I think I will leave it as is.  What do you think?

So now it is way past my bedtime .... Have a good weekend and thanks for looking!