Friday, November 26, 2010

Who is copying whom?

I normally get my Burda magazines from the local library as I don't see them around often to buy. I only have one that I have bought and I still haven't made anything from it.  Imagine my surprise when I got February 2010 issue on Wednesday and saw this.....
In particular the coat on the right.  Why am I surprised? Because in April 2009 I made this coat....
...The one on the right... and it looks like this....

It looks much more pink in my photo but the fabric is exactly the same as in the Burda photo!  That is my beautiful boy and we were at my friend's wedding in Auckland.  It was a beautiful day and we stayed 2 weeks in their home while they went on their honeymoon to Raratonga (I think it was). I rushed the end of it so I need to redo the sleeve ends.  It is not a lined coat pattern (actually it has one of those annoying half lining, so I tried lining it myself and it's just only ok.  I did not know of sewing blogs back then so I had not help to turn to. 

If you look at the collar and the lapels and the bottom opening you can sort of see that it is rolling in.  I am not sure if it is because I should have used stronger interfacing or if the lining is too wide so it pulls out. Any help would be appreciated as I do want to fix this up.  I saw a coat in a designer shop here too and it was about $600 in similar, if not the same fabric! 

I made all the epaulets and pockets & bits but I didn't put them on as it just looked out of place with that fabric.  I have not got any buttons on it either as I couldn't find any I liked here and I looked in many of the fabulous fabric shops in Auckland and no luck there either! 

This is made from a piece of the fabric I got at that designer place I have talked about that sells it off cheap... I think this one was $8 per metre.  I have a little more and I will maybe make a skirt if I have enough!

I have some other really interesting things to mention but I won't do it in this post....I am off to tidy my sewing room.  This is the first weekend my little boy will spend at his Dad's place after 3 1/2 years so I am nervous, excited and already missing him.  He is great company and we have done everything together, and I love it.

Any tips on the coat would be appreciated!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Black dress

This is the Burda pattern used for my black dress (view B the white dress - the other is skirt and jacket).  It has a delicate tulip skirt and the pleating of the front is kind of unusual.  I have done it and it looks like the outside and inside views on the instructions but I have a feeling it isn't quite right so tomorrow when I am less tired I will look again.  It seems to have one of the pleats kind of off grain so that's what makes me think that. I mean that when I hold the skirt up it looks off.

So my camera is now downloading and I took some photos of the partly made dress and large paisley and it's hard to see but the row of dots around that small paisley is also part of the larger paisley and it reaches about 20 cm long. As I said the pattern is woven in so it has a lot of stretch.  Having said all that I am pleased with how it looks so far which is made up bodice (no side seams done yet) and made up front and back skirt.  This is supposed to be fully lined but that would defeat the purpose of having a nice dress in beautiful cotton in Brisbane ... way too hot. Instead of this I have made some bias strips and will try and do a neat job of just putting some bias around the armholes and neckline.

This is a top I made about 8 months ago.  The flower knit has a lovely feel ('hand') but I don't know what it is. It was a remnant and I used the whole lot - that is the exact length of it. The top red with black pin dots is a very fine wool my mother bought about 35 years ago to make me or one of my (4) sisters a dress out of, but never got done.  It's a Burda magazine one but can't find the pattern anywhere just now.  It's a little wide across the chest as you can see the top red is gaping and it does that when I wear it but I have so little to wear that I wear it anyway!  The sleeves are cuffed with some of the grey too and it is pretty comfortable.  Weird stance (that makes my legs look kind of a lot thinner than they are) - sorry but not good at taking photos of my self.

I hope to also get started on a pair of togs (swimmers) as I did my first laps of the season today and really need some training togs, plus the Burda mag skirt and the Simplicity top I have half cut out. Better tidy the house up too.  I asked my son today to "please be careful of my pattern papers" and he said "ok, but Mum do they need to be on the floor!"

See... I do sew!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Black Paisley

Well it seems I can sew still! I have been busy this last week cutting out pattern pieces; some with fabric some not yet.  I planned to cut out an easy Burda skirt and a simple simplicity top but of course I completely changed my mind and thought I should make a black dress.

I have had this black paisley fabric for at least 15 years.  It's a beautiful cotton and the pattern is woven in, not printed.  (when Apple call back and fix my camera download problem later I will post a photo of it).  I bought this fabric for about $2 from the designer place I have mentioned before - they sell off their stuff so cheaply but it is fabulous quality. I have been waiting for a pattern that would work with this fabric as the paisley is quite large; say 10-15cm.  I have thought about lots of stuff but suddenly on Sunday it came to me ... Burda 7488(seems like when Apple also reinstall everything I'll also be able to scan the pattern envelope so you can see what I am sewing).

It is a beautifully drafted pattern and I seem to have morphed into that European body shape (Greek mama some say now!) 
But now I will leave you with a taste and go and fix my Apple ... more later!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Crafty Christmas Club

Well, now I've done it.  Tilly at has started a Crafty Christmas Club  for those who are making Christmas gifts.  So I have added her button to my blog ...well I plan to make some pj's for some not to be mentioned, some house slippers for my son's Japanese piano teacher and maybe a bag for the teacher's present.  I'm not going to stress too much or put too much pressure on myself either as I want to enjoy making them and not feel bad if I don't get it all done .... but, if I don't commit somewhere I fear I may not do anything either.

Tafe has finished last Thursday but then my son came down with chicken pox and is home.  We haven't gone out since Saturday and he is getting bored.  I also had to get two lots of  important court documents done and handed into the court and along with my last two weeks of tafe, it has been a very stressful time. Docs in today so I feel better. I also have some curtains to make for a legal friend who, with her husband (higher legal person) have helped me with my legal papers.  I'm grateful for their help so one small way to repay a kindness.

I was planning on cleaning up the sewing room (was the computer room but now I've on holidays from tafe, it's the sewing room again!) and as you can see it is greatly needed. I won't be featured in The Blue Gardenia's "My Sewing Space" series anytime soon!

I have pulled out lots of fabric out of the cupboards and sorting out what I will sew with soon and put the rest in plastic tubs under the house.  Sorry about the bad quality of the photo, I am still using the computer taking a photo as my camera won't download the photos for some reason.

I have cut out a pattern for togs (that's what we call swimmers or bathing suits here in the state of  Queensland) as I plan to resume swimming laps again and I don't want to pay $40-$80 for a new training  tog.  I have only ever made a small boys pair of togs so it's not like I am experienced but they weren't too bad and I can only get better.

Reading sewing blogs has done two things (well a great number of things but two I want to talk about now).
1.) It has made me realise that I have done some difficult things without knowing it e.g. welt pockets with zips (on a coat that isn't finished from about 12 years ago but I will finish it).  There was a bit going on in blog world about them and I went and had a re look at mine and they weren't bad (not great either).
2.) It has made me really just have a go and get into it.  If it doesn't work out it doesn't matter as I don't buy expensive fabric, and if I do have expensive fabric, I have bought it  really cheap.

So off to cut out the togs and tomorrow tidy the sewing room... I'm interested to hear what people have learned from blog world too...let me know.