Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Giveaway Winner!

Hi Everyone.  I have just draw out the winner of my blogiversary giveaway.
Before I announce who won, I'd like to thank those who entered and also those who became followers!  

I really like the comments about the sewing community... it is really nice to connect with people who like to sew and have an interest in making things etc.  I only have one friend (friends for 35 years!..what???) who also sews so it is nice to see and learn from many inspirational people.   

So without further ado ...

Emilie, congratulations!  Please go into comments with your email or address and I will post it on Friday!  


  1. Hello!
    Are you looking for mee? My blog is

  2. Hi!

    I think that might be me, actually. (I might be wrong of course).

    My comment was "Constructive sewing advise. Not so much tutorials (but those are great too), but an insight in the sewing progress. With entries about things they found on the net as well."

    If that was Emelie you meant... I've activated my blogger profile so that you can check.

    ( queenvanilla at gmail dot com I can't find you email, so please mail me if I'm correct)


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