Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ta Da!

Well I've finally finished something!  I finished my Butterick 5187 jacket. I bought this scrap of wool from the fabric sale for $5 I think and it was not enough to face the back panel so I used a fine fabric that I made a dress from (must show it one day).  It is an unlined jacket but the wool keeps you very warm and it is my replacement for a sweatshirt or fleece. It got very thick in some places but it is very soft fabric so wasn't a big problem. This is very easy pattern as it is an unlined jacket and really perfect for our cool but not cold winter days.
The black turtle neck is a sleeveless top out of merino wool that I also bought at the fabric sale and it was $20 but really warm.  I also bought a long sleeve top in this fabric but as it had a tiny (unseeable) hole it was only $5. 

The other top is one of the Vogues I bought  at the beginning of the year and I tested it out with this cotton knit I bought forever ago. I love the colours and I made the top a longer tunic length and wear it with footless tights to ride my bicycle... Perfect.  You can't really see it but it is pleated up the top and I sewed the size 10 widening it to a 14 around the hips.  The 10 though is still too big so I will cut the 8 out next time.  I will make some more as I need tops and this was pretty easy too. I've tried to upload the scans of the pattern envelopes but after 3 tries, it's not working and I am over it! Sorry about the quality of the photos too, as mentioned before my camera takes two photos before giving up. The one with the jacket, I am on my knees so that my son could take the photo front on not from under me. (and for a change I had just done my hair!) What do you think (of the sewing, not the hair!) When the camera comes good again I'll take photos of the New Look pattern that I have made 3 versions of and a skirt that I made and by coincidence had the same fabric as the pattern envelope!


  1. I love the jacket. I have a similar purple fabric that I was thinking of making a cropped jacket out of. I love the print on the tunic top as well.

  2. Pretty jacket, both the color and the style. I had not noticed that pattern before.


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