Saturday, August 20, 2011


The Sew Convert did a post about her home town of Singapore. She mentions a roti shop and I just said to my friend who will have a stopover in Singapore in a month that she must stop there for the best rotis I have ever eaten and the lime drinks next door - fabulous.  The fabric shops are just around the corner and I hope she has a corner in her bag left after a month in France!

I have visited Singapore many, many times.  Some times for stop overs, sometimes for separate trip and always, always wanted to stay longer. The food is great, the people are great, the transport is great, the fabric shops to die for and did I mention the food? Oh not to forget shoes! bags! Oh I just love it.
 This is where we ate every day (above). We had a great hotel but who wants to eat bacon and eggs or cereal when this array is on offer??  My father is Greek and my mother is Cypriot and we are very fussy food people.  My mother has lived in Australia nearly 60 years and has never eaten a meat pie, sausage roll, meals in a can or frozen. This is why my (4) sisters and I all make our food from scratch.  My youngest sister cried "what will Mum eat in Singapore?"  But eat we did.  The food is the best quality and top health standards in the world.  You can eat anywhere and be guaranteed it will be safe. At the place above you just pointed to the ready made items and they put them on your place.  Full plate every morning cost about S$3.50 (a little less Aust $).  Right next to the ready made was the hot noodle and rice stir fry and just behind, the soup bar.  All cost about the same. (Hotel breakfast would be about S$25).
 This is us eating the rotis.  We bought about 6 of them! We just kept going back on the same visit.
 Served on a brown paper "plate" with a bowl of vege curry with it (tiny bowl) and the yellow plate was some rice my son wanted.

 My mum was so impressed (not easy to do believe me) that she asked if she could watch.  My mother can replicate any food if she tastes it; add watching and no problem.  The men were very gracious and let her jump behind the counter to look. (one of them - can't remember which one now) was moving to Sydney the next week to work in an Indian restaurant - so somewhere in Sydney these great rotis are being served!

 This is some ice cream we got on Orchard Road (great shopping strip).  It was served in wafers or this amazing techni-coloured bread slices. We got wafers.

And, lastly some photos of the orchids in the Orchid Gardens, a very popular tourist spot.  Very beautiful gardens. Travelling with Mum for 7 weeks she took not one photo of me or anyone else but a camera full of the flowers here! Where are her priorities!!


  1. Sounds like a marvelous family trip. I love to read your blog for a window on the other side of the world. As to why your mother took no photos of you: she already knows what you look like, lol.

  2. Thank you for thinking my blog is a "window". That's a lovely thing to say. I'd say Mum was sick of looking at me after 7 weeks together (and yes she does know what I look like too)

    Singapore really is great.

  3. It sounds like a perfectly wonderful family holiday. And I'm amazed your mother has never eaten a meat pie!


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