Monday, September 12, 2011

I was in Sydney...

I know it's late ... but thoughts go out to all in the US who have been affected by the 11 September attacks. 

I was in Sydney with some German friends.  We would alternate who went to which country and it was their turn to come to Australia.  They love Brisbane but adore Sydney and we ended a wonderful trip together in Sydney for a few days.  We went out to the Basement the night before and planned meeting in New York City the next year as it was one place neither of us had been. We were very excited by our plans but woke the next morning to the unbelievable footage. 

Sydney Opera House - another time.
I don't usually watch t.v. in the daytime but my friend put it on in the hotel and it was just at the moment one of the towers was falling. I couldn't see a building it was at the moment when all you could see was the grey cloud of dust. It looked to me like a volcano had erupted and said so to my friend, but I thought I heard New York and said to my friend "there aren't any volcanos near New York is there?" Then they showed the terrible footage.  

I am glad they didn't play it very often here after that first few weeks.. I've only seen it once this weekend, but it still makes me cry ... that funny spontaneous crying that you don't realise is happening. I still get overwhelmed and I can't imagine how New Yorkers must feel. The Freedom Pools look incredible.  I hope I get to New York one day soon.