Saturday, October 8, 2011

Family additions!

Oh, sorry... I don't mean family additions in the way Kristy does! I mean of the paper variety!

Remember the trip to Bribie Island and our little stop on the way at the thrift shop? Well these are the patterns I bought for 20c each. Bargain!

 I really love the kimono sleeves on this one  and it looks so simple (I wouldn't use the big cuffs as I feel overwhelmed by those types of details).  The girls dress comes with transfers to replicate the white and yellow dress/top.  Reminds me of the dress Treena self drafted in August.  Might try to enlarge that for myself! This is really for a friend who sews for her neices.
 This cowl top is designed for woven fabrics!  I will make it with short sleeves though as too hot (not today mind!) soon for long sleeves.  I liked the Burda for the red striped dress as it is princess seams and that is much more flattering for me and I think it will be an easy one to modify.
I don't usually buy costume patterns but I bought this one for the pattern I have conveniently cut off ... it's a warrior (you know the one with the leathery skirt) and I my son thought I should make that for him!  The other is a basic pattern with an A line skirt which is good for me too.  I don't know if you can read it clearly but it has stamped on it "Craigslea High School Home Economics department". That is a high school in that area and obviously that was a pattern they use for teaching students. A good one for learners me thinks!

So pretty good score but I hope I get time to make some soon...


  1. I had to laugh for the costume pattern, my comedian friend wanted a 'cape' so we found a pattern similar to your one and a Roman cape became a strange 'magical' comedian cape!

    Happy sewing!

  2. Some great finds... and I can't wait to see what you sew up from the "costumes" one!! That is definitely my favourite!


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