Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Oops ... I did it again!

I brought another orphan home. I found this Janome machine on the street like the last one. How could I leave it there? It works but has the same problem as the other one which is the stitch selection is not accurate. It sews very nicely though and has a motor that purrs.  It seems to be the 80's version of my current machine as it has electronic selection and my favourite feature which is the button to raise and drop the needle. It is such a small thing but makes me happy. All the feet are there and it looks ok but I'll have to save to fix it (maybe I'll get a discount for three machines) and may give it to my niece if she wants it.

What do you think? Now I must be less judgemental about others (ahem..also me?) who (seemingly) collect machines like they collect patterns and fabric!

I have a couple of other things on the go too. A 70's dress and a(nother)new addition to the sewing room coming soon. This coming addition led me to give my sewing table to my friend so she can stop sewing on the outdoor garden table and I can fit the surprise in! 

Monday, February 6, 2012

Gift for a one year old.

 Along with the dress I made this weekend (previous post), I also made this cushion for a friend's 1 year old daughter. I used to babysit this Mum many years ago and her Mum died a few years ago (a wonderful woman who showed me many things - her children are a credit to her).
 This is during the make - I just googled large printable letters and cut them out then cut some vintage tiny gingham on the bias  (bought last week at the 2nd hand shop)and sewed it on with triple stitch zig zag. The "I" is a bit wonky.   
 This is how I wrapped it and below the finished product before wrapping. I'm really pleased with how it turned out.  Lilia has a sister who is 3yo and I knew I would need to make her one too, so I will hopefully this week.
 Her Mum made her this yummy chocolate butterfly cake.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Joined the cowl bandwagon...

I have coveted the Vogue cowl neck dress that everyone but me (it seems) has made but I just cannot afford Vogue patterns unless on sale and I just can't buy one pattern so I don't go to the sales. (Didn't stop me buying 10 the other week when Simplicity were .99c with exorbitant)so when I picked up many patterns 2nd hand recently (don't need any of those either) I wanted to make a cowl neck dress that I got there for $1.

I went to Spotlight yesterday with my friend as she had been looking for some large white spot on navy fabric and I found some great looking sateen and also some nice drill when I went a few days ago looking for white wood blinds (for the newly painted bedroom). Even though I am in a self imposed fabric buying hiatus (just as I was when I went to The Fabric Store a couple of weeks ago and still managed to buy something)but I broke that and bought a stretch fabric for $3 per metre to make New Look 6154. It is an 'Easy' pattern and I think short of a rectangle elastic skirt; nothing could be easier. 

It is the easiest dress I have ever made - all up I think it took me 2 hours and that includes cutting out the paper, adjusting the length fit and sewing it up. The thing that I like about this pattern and I think I will use in future patterns where I can, is the back pattern pieces were cut separately because they are curved at the waist.  It was kind of fitted and it made for no adjustments for my sway back.  I was using this cheap (but very nice) fabric as a wearable muslin (the only kind I make!) but I am thrilled at how well it has worked out.  Now I know why people end up making two or three of these easy dresses. What do you think?

I'm trying to get better photos but lets face it Elle has nothing to worry about! I can't even take a photo of the back - maybe Tuesday when my friend comes over. This is a very flattering dress. I love the fabric.  If you look just above my right hand shoulder that is a book in a photo frame.  The book is called Sofie Metropolis ... save for the spelling of the surname - that is ME! Yes, even with that unusual name, it is in print. A friend who works on large private cruisers saw this in the US a few years ago in a second hand book shop and sent it to me with cryptic messages about a super surprise - and it was, I love it.

Have you got your name in print? Do you have a cowl neck dress?