Friday, June 29, 2012

Home Alone!

Well my son has been at his Dad's this week and I have turned the house into a sewing studio. I did some boring but necessary sewing jobs that made me really satisfied as they needed to be done and I wanted to do them before I "treated" myself to sewing for me!

 Firstly, I cut some depth out of the crotch of two pairs of  pants - one jean and one cargo - for my son. These were so long that they would have fitted me! What's with kids bought stuff - so wrong in the cut. In the photo above you can see the extra depth - the jeans on top fit him nicely.

 This is sewing up the jeans. I took these photos to show if you have a big thickness to sew through it is good to put a small 'block' under the foot (as you see in the first photo) to help keep the foot level. This usually is for the beginning of the sewing - I don't seem to have a problem at the end. The bottom photo shows it without. I've found when I don't have it, the bobbin thread bunches up and I get frustrated. This block is just from the holder of those cheap Sullivan's sewing needles and it is just perfect.

The next photos are of a very nice quality cardi that I bought in the UK about 6 years ago. It had nice sparkly buttons and batwing sleeves. I loath batwing sleeves on me (makes you wonder why I bought it doesn't it) so, to make it useful I cut the batwing part out of the sleeve and bought some new cute buttons (yet to put on) and now I will be able to wear it! Yeah another job done!

Finally I put in elastic in some fleece pants I made from a piece I bought at the op shop for $5 recently. It is very nice quality so now I think I should have made a nice fleece top. These are for lounging at home at night - not for public view for obvious reasons! Very warm and comfy however!
Finally I have  made a knit top. The fabric is a loose weave cotton that I got years ago at the famous fabric sale I go to. I think it was $2 a metre and it is really nice and warm and soft.  I bought a Burda pattern at a sale at Spotlight a couple of years ago and as it is winter I 

 thought I'd make it up. On the envelope it looks like the neck is snug and the model is pulling at it but on making it - it is obviously quite a wide neck. That's not a problem as I don't like
 a tight turtleneck. Sorry about the photos - my camera washes 
everything out with the flash for some reason. Because of the loose weave it looks kind of sloppy but it is a good fit but I will make the armhole smaller for the next one. I sewed it up with my overlocker and finished it with a twin needle. All the details get lost in the weave. I did a good job (but not perfect) of stripe matching considering I wasn't trying too hard. I read the very timely (and incredibly good) advice from Karen at Kbenco's blog about sewing with knits, and my top could have benefited from clear elastic at the seams but of course I couldn't find it at the time so I just put some ribbon at the shoulder seams and sewed it up. Ok for a test run.

Next time I'll show you the skirt I'm nearly done with and the jacket I've cut out and the new (not needed) fabric purchases.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Pattern Hauls

A week ago today I finished my end of semester exams. I had three in a row but all were of the afternoon shift so for this non-morning person, it was perfect.

This old Butterick pattern was got quite a while ago and I made up a pair of the One-yard Shorts about 5 months ago (out of a piece of remnant wicking for $3) in a lovely red for walking shorts! So far they haven't been walked in and now it's too cold but they will get use. They are only 1 piece - sew easy! They are actually a great fit but I lengthened the leg to fit the remnant fabric put a little coin pouch on the inside, sewed them up with the overlocker and used a twin needle to finish the edges. (I realise I didn't take a photo of them.. next post).

Even though I should have spent all my time studying, I found myself unable to stop going to second-hand shops to distract me from what I was supposed to do. Sometimes, in my defence, this was a side trip from the grocery shopping, so no real time harm done. These side trips proved very fruitful and I scored some great patterns. Some like the Kwik Sew I wouldn't normally buy as I would have limited use for them and they are too expensive but for $1 each it's amazing how you feel you need to have it. Some are great scores - such as the togs (Queensland speak for swimmers). There was also one for control undies (but I can't find that at the moment). 
Isn't this a lovely wrap dress but it is a bit of a fabric hog due to the long facings.

Think I will make up one of these hats for summer.

This looks really nice and simple and I think I'll make up View C in corduroy.

My son is excited about this hoodie. He's pretty skinny so will be useful for a few years still.

There is another racer back swim suit too that I can't find but this and the boys one will be useful for a while.

I have an interfaced fabric in bright lime green from the '70's my Mum had and may make a cape! Although not much call for capes in Brisbane and the cold will be over before I get to wear it I suspect.

Anyone know about this pattern company. It was a Brisbane company but I haven't been able to find anything out about them. I think this was one of my first posts!

And what a great score is this! Wild Ginger pattern software unfortunately for a PC and I have a Mac! Typical but I can use the uni PCs so will do that when I have time! Look at that price!

Well that is some of my hauls of the last few months. There are more that I will find and document. I am currently making some long pants for my son for school and me some fleece lounge around the house pants. I want to make a corduroy skirt with a Mizzonni type top next.

Happy sewing.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Cowl - check!

Remember this dress...

Well it was so easy I made another a few weeks after and I only realised that I have a (bad) photo of it. It is very washed out (this new camera does this but I don't know how to adjust it - in the holidays I may remember to work it out). I got it at The Fabric Shop for $8 per metre and it is such a nice fabric a really firm but very fine stretch fabric. It is blue with a very light tan colour (both not my colours but I loved it??) The other day I thought I could make some nice undies out of the scraps. I have heaps left so may make a skirt or top too. 

This is such a great pattern New Look 6154. It can be made in an hour and because it has a centre back seam; is easy to make a sway back adjustment (which I need but did not make. The black dress was $3 per metre and I just wanted to test it so didn't bother. The one below - just too lazy for a throw on dress. This one feels "work" to me and I can wear it with a cardi and have a business coffee with my mentor from uni.
Hee hee - just noticed I'm reading a Spotlight brochure!!!

Speaking of uni... I finished lectures on Thursday and now I have a relaxing (wet) weekend with my son before swat (what does that mean?) week and then 3 exams in three days after a long weekend. My son will be at his Dad's on the long weekend and I got all excited as I thought I could go away to Melbourne with a friend for some shopping, eating and just plain fun but then I realised I would be having my exams.. damn! Next year I'll be finished so that would work out nicely anyway.

My son turned 8 recently and he had a Laserforce party - where his little friends and Dad suited up and lasered each other for a couple of hours. The boys (big and small) really loved it and I made some sushi for snacks and this Darth Vader cake. It's not great but I was under pressure with assignments etc but lets face it - 8 year old boys who are Star Wars MAD did not see a lopsided not quite black out of proportion cake but DARTH VADER! The oohs and aahs were worth it. My sister suggested I should have painted some of the food colouring around the edges to make it stand out - great idea I'll use next time (where was she at 11pm???)