Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sewing actually isn't done for 2012....

I don't like Christmas cake or plum pudding or most things with lots of dried fruit mix. So instead of having any of these 'traditional' treats I make German Stollen instead. My former house neighbour is German and many years ago she was making Stollen at Christmas - I tasted it and was sold. I have made it every year since. 

Another friend is German and she moved to Australia from New Zealand last October. Last year we doubled the recipe (so made 2 kg flour mix) but this year we tripled it!! 

The recipe normally makes two stollen but my half of the mix made 16 small ones. This is about 12cm long by about 6 cm wide. A nice homemade Christmas thought wrapped in cellophane and tied with tinsel. Just realised the photos of the Stollen is on the desktop not the laptop so will give you photos of our Christmas. 

We had it at one of my sister's house (I have 4 sisters) and it was decorated with silver and purple. We don't have table decorations or beautiful place settings as there isn't room with all the food. We had a turkey, a ham, prawns, smoked salmon, vegetarian polenta (2 types), lots of different salads, moussaka (we are Greek) and bonbons.

My sister's house is 130 year old low set cottage - it is built with tree posts and filled in walls, some of the original doorways are only about 60cm wide so not much goes through them. She lives on 2 acres and she has a small (large water tank) pool, a large trampoline and she set up a water slide on the grass. The kids (4 cousins - 3 boys and a girl- all between 8-10 year old) had the best time all day. Presents came second to all the fun. She has a huge (see below) rustic outdoor area where everyone enjoyed the day.

  This was a gingerbread house my son made for his friend's end of school year pool party. We bought it from Aldi and put it together and decorated it. It was awful taste wise, but most of the children didn't care and tore it apart. There were lollies inside! My son had a great time doing it and his friends were impressed.
I also thought my sewing was done for the year but yesterday I fixed up two RTW casual dresses that were a bit big in the shoulders, shortened some straps on a white linen top I bought at the fabric sale and made a skirt that was cut out last summer. It is a Lisette pattern also made with some linen I bought at the fabric sale but about 15 years ago. I will post it tomorrow if I have time but it needs grosgrain ribbon for the waist stay but I don't have it. I will also go out tomorrow and get some sequinned fabric to make a cowl dress for NYE outing tomorrow night. Hope I find what I want! If I don't have time to post - Happy New Year to you all! Bring on 2013!

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