Monday, March 25, 2013

What's in a name?

Hmmm.. what's in a name? Has anyone else noticed that the BIG 4 (or 5 or 6) give their patterns numbers but every other pattern company (the one's I know of at least) give their patterns names.Is it like the birthing of a child - I like it as it seems more personal. What do you think? Had you noticed too?  

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

How lucky can I get?

How special do I feel lately? Well, very. You see I made a comment on CarmentcitaB's blog a few weeks ago and Carmen contacted me and said she was going to send me a surprise! Just for making a comment. If you don't know her blog (as if!) go and have a look. She puts up some amazing videos (some couture house's workings, the wrap dress that went on and on)and also has made some challenging items (the Chanel copy rain coat - my favourite).

This is a little address sticker on the envelope - isn't it the cutest!
 And this is my surprise... it is perfect for me. I have some beautiful sky blue and silver brocade that was my mother's from the '60s and if there is enough I will make this - view 2 - but not till next summer as uni is manic (procrastination is ruling - that's why I'm blogging)and it is coming into winter. It's a size 16 which by the bust and waist measurements will fit me for sure.
My surprise!
 Not only have I got the My Image patterns last week but also the current Ottobre magazine. I have been getting the two women's magazines for a couple of years and I really like them although so far I only have an unfinished knit top started. They are good simple but useful designs and I like a lot in this one.
Current Ottobre

The current collection offerings.
The twist bodice dress and top, the basic tees, the slim leg trousers and the long jacket which has some nice lines and may be made out of a stretch silver denim. The colour block dress (no 8) doesn't look much but looks really nice on the model in the magazine. But not much sewing will go on here for a bit. But it's nice to have the distraction!

Oh on a small housekeeping note: I have been getting lots of spam comments (more than actual real comments) and it is really annoying. If I keep getting them I'm going to turn on the verification thing again. Sorry if that puts you off - I don't get many comments so I don't want to but I don't want comments from random spam rubbish either.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Mian Mian - Giveaway Prize!!

I'm a giveaway winner!

Great winning prize
 Yoshimi had a giveaway and I am the lucky winner! Not a pattern, or a magazine or fabric, all of which I have too much or many, but a wonderful little needle storage holder. It came with two needles and I have put in my needles already. It was not hard giving away my other needle storage solution .. a scrap piece of fabric, for this very useful little gadget. It is magnetised and has a soft velvet coating. SO COOL! The red counter top you see is my new red sewing table. (I'll take a proper photo soon.)
Needle holder
Hmm... naughty me... I also bought some Image Wear patterns (from the My Image magazine) when they were on sale for Euro 3.50 each. At around Christmas time they had a Euro2 sale with the money going to a charity but I forgot to get some then. I've always liked the top on the left ... I think it is really elegant and simple and I love the little tie. I think it will make a good work top (for when I get a job some time in the future!) I also like the little crop jacket and the tulip like skirt. I have the perfect fabrics for these but I can't see any sewing happening here for months. 

The patterns are printed on nice heavy white paper with very clear lines. The instructions are on the reverse side of the cover paper wrap. Anyone tried Image Wear patterns?

Uni is so busy already and to be honest, I am just not getting into it. Same thing  happens every time the long summer break . I have 3 assessments for 4 subjects and two subjects also have weekly assessments! It's my last semester so I see a dot of light at the end of the tunnel.. but just a dot!
ImageWear patterns

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Brisbane sewist meetup!

Suzy Bee put the call out - she was coming to Brisbane, did anyone want to meet up with short notice! Did I! Judith of Made by J also was able to meet up too and made the great suggestion of a cafe by the water at Wynnum, one of our bayside suburbs and where Suzy Bee was staying. We didn't realise we would be quite so close to the water..

Pouring - look at the rainwater at the chairs and table!
 Suzy Bee and Judith are such lovely,fun people. We had originally planned to go to some fabric stores, but Judith was on sports taxi duty and Suzy Bee and I decided it was just too rainy to make our way anywhere and Suzy Bee would have a chance in the week. So we sat and chatted about sewing, our families and the rain. We all wore something we made. I wore my cowl neck pattern from some Missoni like fabric I bought at Spotlight. Actually I hope my friend Maree doesn't read this as I will be taking it to her as it doesn't fit me very well. It was really a muslin to work out the pattern fit and when Maree was in Australia (she and her husband are Captain and head Steward of a private, big beautiful boat. Currently in New Zealand on a boat maintenance rest stop, will be heading to Borneo in April.) It fit her perfectly.. she is taller and a bit more broad than me. I put the selvage edge along the hem for some interest. Judith made her skirt - pleats all the way round - one of my favourite styles and   Suzy Bee made her very well fitted Tiramisu from Cake Patterns. Look at that stripe matching!
My car parked about 5 metres from the cafe!
And for those who are interested, Sydney was fantastic. My friend and I hadn't been in Sydney together since 1983 and we just wondered around, saw the Alexander the Great exhibition (not that great), met up with my niece and her partner for dinner, and of course saw Nick Cave at the Opera House. It was a great show and after we had drinks along the outside with the Opera House and Harbour Bridge lit up and a full moon pouring it's soft light all over! And last night saw Nick Cave in Brisbane at the Riverstage and it only rained a few times very lightly. Next up - Byron Bay Blues Festival! Yeah! but lots of uni work to do before then.
Blurry photo of Opera House in Sydney - Brisbane people.. notice the sparkling water from the SUN!

Friday, March 1, 2013

A Great Week for Me

I've had a great week! I had two days in Sydney with the highlight being seeing Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra (well the ones that could stand it I'd guess). It was an amazing show ... we saw the 2nd show where he did all the song on his new album and some more exciting old favourites. I have seen Nick Cave in many guises and liked his music since about 1980. It was really great. My friend and I got dressed up (it was the Opera House)and had some bubbles. 

I also saw my niece to whom I gave an old sewing machine that I found left on the street. It is a Janome computer model about 25 years old but it wouldn't work properly. She took it to a repairer who told her id would be expensive to fix ($190) but that she could use it for another 100 years as all the parts are metal inside and if she bought a new machine today for $200 it would be mostly plastic parts for the manufactured obsolescence that most manufacturers use nowadays. She got it fixed (I gave her the money after - not a great gift if she has to pay for it!) So she's happy,

Even after an hour delay leaving Sydney and having to circle the Gold Coast for 30 mins before landing on the return journey could dampen my excitement when I had great news. I received a surprise gift from CarmentcitaB in the mail. She emailed me when I made a comment on her blog and said she was going send me something. More on that in another post. In more blogging news, Suzy Bee put out the word that she was coming to Brisbane and would anyone like to meet up. Would I?? This will be the first time I have met up with any bloggers. Then Judy emailed to say she will be around too ... so we are meeting up for a coffee and then SusyBee and I will go to a couple of fabric shops - not to buy on my part! I really wanted to go to Metro Fabrics in Sydney for some bra making stuff but I did not have the time really so that will have to wait.