Thursday, June 27, 2013

It happened at last!

Yes, finally I have sewed! Yesterday I hemmed two pairs of trousers for a friend of mine but I didn't bother taking any photos. Today I made McCalls 5087 from 1976 (I was 14 and in grade 10!). I made it from some cotton knit stuff I had just to test the size and fit. I didn't have enough of each fabric so I made it with the dots on the front and the back and sleeves out of this washed out stripe fabric. I had some scrap red knit stuff (notice my wide reaching knowledge of knit fabrics?) that my girlfriend had given me to make my first binding! 

I basted the red on with the normal machine then sewed it with the overlocker. Then I used a twin needle to finish it off and although I saw it wasn't quite right, I only noticed tonight that I should have put one needle in each fabric... of well this was just a test garment. 

Notice how one thread for the twin needle goes into the normal holder but on the other side there is also one. I've never notice this before and would just thread both the threads the same, until I saw it on a blog a while ago (sorry can't remember which one - tell me if it was you!). I haven't had time to see if my older machine has this too. Anyone else notice?

See here, one of the needles should have been in the red and the other on the white... I knew it was off but couldn't work out what and just finished it before having to go out so didn't really work it out till later.

I made view C but with no cuffs and I added the binding as they had facings included (as if!). I shortened the length ('cause I'm short.. 158cm) for the body and sleeves and am pretty happy with the fit and size. I love raglan sleeves and I have to say this was perfectly drafted. Not one millimetre out! I know it's simple but... 

This top will be a sleep shirt but now that I have tested and like the fit I will make some more. I have a lovely aqua merino wool that I'd like to make up and some other soft floaty stuff(more knit fabric knowledge) that I will make it up with. I hope to trace out a My Image pants and top pattern tomorrow. I have a couple of things I want to finish too. Tomorrow afternoon my son comes home from his Dad's and we have a week together so I guess not much sewing will happen. 

Oh after I looked at these photos, I went out to find some new bras... I have needed to for a while and just didn't have time. It takes so much time.. didn't find any and will work on making my own but I know that takes a lot of time so will have to buy some till that is worked out.

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  1. Oh, what a fun vintage pattern! I like your fabric choices for this one.


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