Friday, September 19, 2014

Last minute .... again.

My niece came back from Japan yesterday and leaves tomorrow for New Zealand. She came past this afternoon to say goodbye in between seeing friends in town and going out for dinner with her parents and brother. After we had some afternoon tea and she showed me a couple of things she bought for the weather in New Zealand (which will be a lot colder than Japan and here where currently it is about 26-28 deg in the day time). She showed me some togs (bathers; swimsuit) she bought and mentioned that she wanted some swim shorts to go with them to wear under the wetsuit she'll have to wear when she goes caving (yikes!). So like the yoga bag I made a few short weeks ago, I made her a pair of swim shorts at the last minute...again!

She chose the colours from my small stash of lycra. The hot pink was a remnant from Spotlight a couple of years ago and the navy was an Op shop find - I've made a few pairs of togs for Alex with this (another one nearly finished) and it's old but good quality.  I used the Lincraft pattern I used for some tights I made with some merino/nylon a few weeks ago (not blogged) and just measured the length for where she wanted them.

I put a buttonhole on the inside of the front waistband to thread the nylon tie. This is the elastic I spoke of before - it's got a channel with nylon cord through it - perfect for togs and other beachwear. I also put bands on the legs in the opposite colours (that was Zoe's request).  She couldn't wait (I had about 15 minutes to finish but they had a dinner reservation) so I said to pick them up on the way home.

It isn't my best work but probably took an hour and a half including cutting out and sewing up. I used a wooly thread on one of the loopers and in the bobbin for the twin needle.  I also put a navy and an pink thread in the twin needle The bands were actually nearly double that width but because the overlocker was being obstinate I put one on badly and wobbly and then just decided it was neater and cleaner to just make them narrower. I had to rethread the overlocker twice and in the end left it with one needle as I just couldn't fight it anymore.

Zoe was thrilled when she saw them (they didn't look good when she left for dinner) and even asked me if I'd remembered to get a photo for the blog... which I didn't so took two quick (blurry) photos. She also mentioned that many of the performers on the show she works for want some of the yoga mat bags so if I get to NZ (Auckland probably) I'll make some and take along as gifts. And just a reminder of the show she works for....

The tights I made from the same pattern but not blogged about yet, were made from a fabric from The Fabric Store which was a merino wool with nylon. The merino was the wrong (inside) of the fabric and the nylon was the outside. The merino was also woven like a terry towelling so it is so soft and warm and comfy inside against the skin but the nylon makes it really durable and able to dry quickly. (It was the bargain price of $8 pm and I also bought some lime green).  I had made the medium size but they were too big and long but so comfy I didn't care, but when Zoe tried them for fit, they fit her perfectly so I gave them to her. They are so lightweight but the fabric is thick so no bumps or lumps show and they look fantastic in a great gun metal grey colour. No  photos sorry.

I have been a bit unwell... not unwell but not well either. I also made some things for the market my friend had at her place so that wore me out too (I didn't sell anything tho :( but she's booked a little hall for a market  a bit before Christmas so I'll make a little stall there and try again. I made some really nice things and I'll post those photos next post. It's school holidays as of today, for two weeks,  and we are going on a drive holiday. Can't wait. Till the next time.... happy sewing!

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