Thursday, December 31, 2015

Last makes of 2015

These are the last (unless I get some spare time this arvo) of the sewn things of 2015. I used Kwik Sew 3674, a pattern I got at the 2nd hand shop a while ago. Quite a useful little pattern if you have a young girl around, with two different looks and the puff sleeve dress without sleeves (like I've made below) makes it three looks.

The dress above is made from remnants, both I got at Spotlight in separate purchases for minimal money. The owls are so cute I couldn't resist and my friend's daughter just loves getting me made dresses! She's only 5 but very tall (think 7 or 8 year old) so it's nice to make her something her age that fits. She has seen the fabric on their last trip down from Yeppoon and I promised a dress from it. They are moving back in a number of weeks and so she will open it with her other presents.

When I made the dress below, I just leave the sleeves off, overlock and turn over the armholes and then make a casing for the straps... this is basically what a pillow case dress is.  I used a piece of vintage rayon that was in Mum's stash. It was half made into a dirndl skirt but I separated the two panels and just made a rectangle skirt to attach to the bodice pieces. The colour is a bit more deep and muted than it appears here.

How's that matching at the back. Too bad I didn't notice the face didn't meet perfectly... makes it a little creepy... aren't harlequins a bit creepy anyway??

Close up of creepy matching. I think annoys me enough to go and fix it in a sec.

To get all my sewing documented for this year, I also made this Jiffy pattern from some batik I bought in Singapore in 2009.

It's a terrifically vibrant and beautiful cotton although I think a tencel or rayon would drape better but as a house/shops dress I really like it (and am wearing it now).

I made a FBA on the bodice and when I make this again I will cut the neckline about 5cm lower.
I actually tried two methods of full bust adjustments, the one below being the more complex but I found using the same increase measurement, this one gave the best result. Sorry but I haven't got a photo of me wearing it and I don't have time right now to get one. I will show it later to show how I used the differing patterns of the sarong.

Remember I made this pattern below out of an old dress a few months ago? Well I really liked the top and the neckline and shoulders fits perfectly but it needs a FBA to fit well in the bust. It was a bit tight in the wearing but looks ok, and when I made it for some reason I thought it was a 12. Comparison of the two below.

I decided I would try a similar pattern, Simplicity 7517 and compare the View A. I made this one a size small in the shoulders and a medium from the armholes down. Incidentally this is a nice pattern as it has some nice basic looks for wovens. I find wearing woven fabrics in our humidity is better than any knit fabric. View C has straps at the back so I'd like to try this one too.

I made this top out of the scraps from an unclogged rayon pillow case dress I made for myself a couple of years ago that gets good use. I bought this rayon at East Coast Fabrics and I have seen it made up by a few people but in a knit (including Gorgeous Fabrics)!

As this was all the pink I had, I used a scrap of the same print but blue colour way for the facings. Waste not, want not!

A very bad photo of the top on. The top is lovely to wear and cool but I like the shape of the other one better so looks like I'll make a FBA for that one, test it and then cut some silk I have earmarked for it. Once I get that pattern sorted I think it will make a great basic pattern I'll use again and again and the fabric will make each different. Also a perfect work top, should I get a job - which I'm sure I will in 2016!

This is the comparison of the two. The one on the left has much more flattering shaping and sits on the shoulders much better. You can't see it in the photos or when wearing it really, but it is a smidge tight  across the bust but I think thats the one I'll work on for sure. The one on the right is much more boxy and maybe ok to use as a dress pattern if I lengthen it. What do you think?

This last item is a McCall's jumpsuit pattern 7653 (or 6083) , I started about two years ago too. I bought this fabric the same time as the one above and where I had the bottom and the top made since then, I procrastinated as the pants were tight :( but I narrowed all the seam allowances and now it's ok, but not perfect so I'll hang onto it for a bit to see if the  good intentions bear fruit in a couple of months. It's a great pattern but the back gapes and it is a contortion exercise getting it on and off. I might try to take the neck in at the back and put a zip in it at the side to get it on and off... we'll see. I know Maria at How Good Is That made one - how do you find getting in and out of it Maria?

So that's it for 2015. Happy New Year to one and all. Have fun and be safe!


  1. What a happy little girl there is going to be - such sweet dresses. I love your tops, and yes, it will be a great basic to whizz up. As for the jumpsuit, I decided not to jump on the bandwagon - I can remember wearing them the first time around and going to the toilet was always a hassle. So I said no this time around! I hope you manage to get into it though - it is lovely and they do look great. Good luck with the job hunting. Happy New Year for 2016.

  2. Lucky girl and nice you !
    I have just finished sewing a batik from Singapore too ! - a gift from a friend and a little stiff like yours as well.
    I agree the top on the left has some more shaping but I love the fabric on the right. Happy New Year and good luck with tge job hunting.

  3. Wow, you have been busy! The little girl dresses are adorable!!!! Happy New Year!

  4. Oh. I forgot to say I love the harlequin fabric.


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