Saturday, June 4, 2016

Kwik Sew 2419 and news!

Well finally it's cooled off a little bit.. I say a little bit because next week, apparently it will be up to 30 degrees on the Queensland (state) coast.  Just a reminder for those not in Australia, this is the start of winter. Currently it's pouring rain on the east coast which is also quite out of season but there you have it.... according to some, there is no climate change; nothing to see here. 

But, I digress. I made a sweatshirt from two sweatshirt fabric remnants from Spotlight. They were both the same size about 70cm long and immediately I earmarked them for Alex. He likes a plain grey sweatshirt and this year he requested one pullover style and a hood. I used Kwik Sew 2419 which is actually described for girls but really, is a hoodie like this just suitable for girls? Unisex me thinks.

It was a made up quickly. I used some scrap Star Wars fabric to interface the pocket openings, purely because I couldn't be bothered to iron on any real interfacing. You don't see it so it didn't matter. I also put some twill tape on the shoulders and some wide edge tape, cut in half lengthwise, to stabilise the hood opening. This allowed the stitching to not bunch up and the fabric not to stretch. I didn't use it on the hem because I was lazy. I stitched twice around the pocket with straight stitch and on the hemming of the bottom and the sleeves, pocket and hood openings I used a coverstitch like stitch on my sewing machine. I really like this stitch, last used on my niece's merino tops. It is a slightly utilitarian but fancy stitch without having to rethread the coverstitch. I'm still a bit afraid of that thing! All made up on the overlocker otherwise.

Here's a close up of the bottom hem with side splits, fancy utilitarian (such a contradiction :)) stitch and discreet label. It's a lovely soft fleece and Alex loves it. Of course he isn't here for a photo so floor photos have to suffice.

Remember the pants I made with the metal threads? Well they are terrifically comfortable and I love the style etc, but ... and this is a big but, I cannot wear them too long as the metal threads abrade my legs  - it's just as if you'd used steel wool to rub over your legs. At first wearing, I didn't get it, but wondered why my legs were rough a few days later. On second wearing, which was for a number of hours, the abrasiveness became really uncomfortable. The welts also came a bit undone and I had to topstitch them on the sides. No loss .. that pair was only .50c worth of fabric and a wearable muslin. I still wonder if they'd set the alarm off if I walked through airport security!

In my other news, I got a job! I start Monday and so I am sewing up a few things that are work appropriate. It's a 4 month contract but it's a foot in the door and I'm very excited. Hopefully I'll be able to post a few things that I've made before then but if not, wish me luck! My sewing (and everything else) may slow down for a while as we adjust.