Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Busy busy.

Victoria Bridge with the Wheel at Southbank at left and the city on the right.

Story Bridge from the "City Cat" ferry with the city in the background.

Pink in September is Brisbane Festival time. The bridges are lit up hot pink and there are so many great things on. I have had 4 nights out in a row.... The new Nick Cave movie "One more time with feeling." Devastating to watch... after his recent family tragedy. Friday night was spent at the Spiegleltent watching Mick Harvey, an ex member of Nick Cave's bands since The Boys Next Door in the late '70's. It was fabulous. Sitting in front of us was Robert Forster from The Go-Betweens my all time favourite band... wonderfully from Brisbane.  The next night I was at the Spiegletent again watching Custard, a band very popular in Brisbane in the '80's (they played really a lot but curiously considering the amount of live music I would see then I never saw them live... They were great and Robert Forster was there again. I had a little chat to him when we were walking out. Alex and I are going to his show on Sunday night... start of school holidays. I saw his show last year when his album was released and it was terrific and he said it is even better than then... he's just come back from touring around the world. The beauty with the Spiegletent is that the noise levels are not too loud so it will be perfect for young ears.

Then Sunday night my niece, who works for Brisbane Festival, offered some free tickets to Shakespeare Mid Summer Night's Dream... a bit of a modern comedy take, at the Playhouse. The whole purpose of this post really is to show my skirt (and last year's cape) in action, rather than showing off how busy I was/am. Its a little short really, but I love it with my boots and red cape. I felt swish but also a bit 'out there'. Perfect weather for the cape. It's not too cold and it just keeps you warm enough for a ride home outside on the City Cat ferry. I love my city!
(apologies for the terrible phone photos)


  1. Sounds like loads of fun! This is the first year in ages I haven't been to anything for the Brisbane festival (I'm in hibernation before an extremely busy October)>


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