Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Someone makes it..

I was reading www.thelaststitch.blogspot.com and Johanna mentioned a site  www.luxirare.com which I went and had a look at.  The stuff this girl makes is nothing short of amazing... really fantastic stuff and very innovative but it got me thinking something I have often thought of.  When people value more expensive goods like clothes, bags, shoes etc and dismiss the cheaper chain store type stuff (more what I can afford) they forget that someone still makes it.  Some poor person more than likely, who works for nearly nothing, to make available what we consider basic things ... the clothes we wear, the shoes we love etc... Unless people are buying real hand made items or top end goods, someone is probably getting exploited making this stuff.  

I have never been comfortable with this and so steer clear of designer stuff (not that I can afford it but I wouldn't anyway), brand labels and merchandised kids stuff.  I try to instil in my son what real value is and where stuff comes from, what some (most) people in the world have to go through to feed their families.

At least we sewists can know that we can make our own things and take pride even if it isn't designer standard we still made it!

And just so this isn't without a photo... this is in Nicosia, Cyprus.  This dress I made, wow, 4 years ago now and I made it just before Christmas (Summer here).  It is cotton from Spotlight and lovely to wear, it's made from a '70's pattern and is a halter.  I always feel like a Christmas pressie dressed with the green ribbon but I still think it looks better than black or boring with red!

It's a funny angle.. my son took the photos on a few steps above me... see the background.. that's the local soccer field... yes absolutely, completely devoid of grass ... Cyprus is a very arid land and they have water restrictions like we have never seen.  I lived there for 9 months in 1984.  Still to this day, in the summer, each household, no matter how many people live in that household, only gets one approx 1000lt tank of water a week ... if it runs out, too bad!!
That is water restrictions.

Not that we have to worry now....

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Seeing spots...

Ok, so this isn't the most exciting thing you'll see for sure, but at last I have sewn something!  Two nights ago at 10pm I realised I would just be too hot to wear my winter pj's another night and so I cut out a pair of cotton knit sleep shorts! I have had this fabric in my stash for probably 15 years, always with the thought of making pj's but never got round to it.  (This is a shocking photo but something in my camera is not allowing me to download photos and so I take it with the built in camera in my imac!) It's not a great job but really I have been so busy that even if I had the inclination to go and buy some pj's, I couldn't. And I don't have that inclination at all.                                                                                                    

Oh don't let me forget the other thing that I sewed this week..... a hessian potato sack! Yes.. you heard right.  I had some hessian from MBB's (my beautiful boy's) birthday party sack races earlier in the year and I have wanted to make a sack for a while.  It's only small ...15 x 25 cm but it holds enough potatoes for two  and it's another of those piddly things you want to do, done.  It's kind of cute as I had MBB write "potatoes" on the bag and draw a potato on it with a permanent marker... boy he felt useful and pleased with his work!
I have also cut and sewed 3 long sleeved shirts into short sleeved shirts for my Dad... funny, they have been hanging up in my sewing room mess for about six months, but put an assignment due date up and boy oh boy what inspiration it is to do something else! I do say I'm a procrastinator!
So, I did hand in my assignment last Thursday and not really "against all odds" but had some pretty distracting moments.... I don't need much to distract me of course.  Firstly I had some friends from New Zealand come and stay (Hi Cath!!) with their 6 month old baby I hadn't met yet (MBB generically calls her 'baby'), this was on my return week to Tafe, MBB was also still on holidays and one of my (4) sisters took him for a sleepover so he didn't have two early morning starts when I was at Tafe (Thanks Krys!).  He doesn't mind of course as my sister and her family live on quite a big block of land and there is every wheeled thing known to boys and he is in heaven for two days!  Plus his cousin to play and fight with.. boy bliss!
Then when my friends from NZ left, MBB where alone for only one night when other friends who live up north, came back from a great overseas trip and stopped over for two nights to catch their breath before getting back to Yeppoon.  I love having people stay, and we make it work, but I wish I had a bigger house (I only have two bedrooms ... very basic house) and I have heaps of friends who stay often..... anyway to win lotto I guess I should put it in!
MBB was off school with a cold yesterday and I spent all day cleaning up and getting the washing done.  Then went to the Gold Coast to see my friends from Adelaide before they flew from "The Sunshine State" ha ha!  After I made those shorts it hasn't stopped raining and it has gotten cold again. Typical...

Anyway, I have two more things due in this week and another two in a few weeks and then I am done for this year!!  Hopefully I don't have to redo anything. Then I have a few weeks off before MBB gets off school and we will go to Adelaide or NZ for a holiday I hope.

Sorry this is a long post and I hope to get my camera sorted before the next post because this is driving me crazy... this blog is also centring all of my work and I don't know how to stop it so apologies for that too.