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Top and bottom.

Finally I finished the Burda trousers I started way back at the beginning of December  (link for for the original post), probably started late November even. I only had to overlock the seams, take in the back seam about 2 cm for my sway back and put the waistband on. As I said it was way  too hot to even put these trousers on till now to fit that back seam. Even today was 27 degrees but in that cool, overcast way but I'm still wearing a sleeveless top (the one I made yesterday... up next).  Sorry about the dark, terrible photos. I went to the park with my son after school then promptly forgot to get him to take some photos... that's ok, if your son can't stop talking to you, photos come last! This photo actually really shocked me as I know my right shoulder drops but I didn't realise just by how much! You can see my hips are relatively level - my hands are in my (terrific deep) pockets though and it's a funny angle but I am crooked! Those wrinkles in the p

Done with Clouds

So the cloud shorts are finally finished and I am terrifically pleased with them. Just a reminder; these were cut from two remnant pieces bought from Spotlight at different times, both about 80 cm long, 112cm wide so I did need the two pieces. If son didn't like the fabric the first time it was purchased, it was going to be a bag. The back pocket... I just did this free hand and they worked out perfectly... little label added. I think I need something else now for my son...something more teen like seeing as we are nearly there. Back waistband and yoke matching. Even though it doesn't look like it the yoke matches perfectly too. Pockets and stitch in the ditch for the waistband. Inside fly ... I actually cut off the wrong side here then reattached it so I guess it's a bit of a mess but no one but we will see it ;) I used the industrial way of attaching the waistband. This makes a great stitch in the ditch and catch the underside in one hit. No han

One step bias binding application

 I said I would put up how I apply my bias binding in one step. This shows how  lazy  clever I am! Firstly, if you put the fabric on the bias binding (bought bias binding here) past the centre to touch the  binding edge on the other side like it shows above. Then start sewing your bias about 1 cm before the attaching fabric and with a bit of a tail... I find this helps place the bias in the right spot and stops that fabric down the hole problem. If you notice on the left to the photo (unfortunately upside down and unable to change??) the bottom part of the bias extends a bit further on the underside of the fabric and so if you concentrate on getting the top edge nice and straight, the bottom catches automatically.   You can just see above how when I moved onto the second pocket the bottom edge of the bias extends just past the top. This is how it looks on the top and the underneath. All caught up. So that's my  lazy  quick and easy way to attach b

Bias Binding too girly?

So firstly, thanks for all the really lovely and complimentary comments regarding my Lonsdale dress. I see more in my future! This is the second pair of shorts I have made my son... I made these on Saturday. I had a bit of this fabric left but not enough to cut the shorts on grain so I cut some parts on the cross. No matter, these shorts won't fit in a few months anyway. The fabric (a drill from Spotlight) actually does not have a directional pattern, so it won't be noticeable to non-sewers.  I had such little fabric that I couldn't even make the normal pocket bag type pockets, so I cut out the pocket piece and then decided to bind it with bias binding and sewing the pocket as a patch pocket directly on the shorts. This meant cutting the front pants piece right up to the waist band instead of the cut out for the pocket (which gets faced with the back pocket piece).  I just happened to have some binding in the same blue colour that is on the fabric (thanks stash).

The Brisbane Spoolette's High Tea

Wow! The delightful  Busy Lizzie in Brizzie  organised the third Brisbane Spoolettes for a High Tea at the Brisbane Marriott again. This time there were so many of us, we had a private event room. It was terrifically beautiful with big fuchsia and tangerine sashes on the chairs... I originally walked past this room because I thought it was for a wedding but heck, we are such a gorgeous crowd, why shouldn't we have a terrific room! Well done Lizzy - this was a great bonus plus I'm sure the hotel prefers us keeping the squeals in a private room! Counting the number in the photo above, there are 35 of us here, and there were a few who couldn't make it. Quite a (beautifully dressed) crowd wouldn't you say? There were people from far and wide.  As usual I am too busy talking to take too many photos; too busy talking and I tried to talk to as many people as possible but I know I missed chatting to probably half the people there :( There was great pattern and fabric swa