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Sherry at pattern-scissors-cloth has talked about zips and what sort you use.  I have only ever done one "invisible" zip but it isn't that invisible! When I was recently in Adelaide I visited the beautiful Adelaide Arcade where I found the beautiful little shop called The Button Bar!   

What a fabulous range of buttons... there was every colour, shape, size, and price but also plastic, metal, crystal, glass and even those real toggles that Peter of has used for his duffle coat. I've never seen them before Peter used them on his coat and then I see them in real life! There was loads of interesting sewing/crafting accessories that I hadn't seen before in Brisbane (it's probably here but I just haven't had the time to browse).

The other thing I had never seen and the reason Sherry's post sparked my memory, was that I saw these beautiful zips.  Can you see the sparkles in the zip teeth and the end and in the next photo have a look at…

Vogue, togs and Pandas!

Well, it has been a while since I have bought a Vogue pattern.  Here in Australia they are $18 or more and I just can't afford it, especially when you can buy similar in other patterns that sometimes go on sale.  Well I bit the bullet and bought some from in the US when they recently had a $5.99 sale.  I bought some simple things - 2 top patterns and a dress with a simple jacket. I also bought a kwik-sew pattern for some togs (Queensland speak for bathers!) and an Issey Miyake that is pants and a really interesting jacket.

Vogue 8650vog Size: AA(6-8 -10-12) Delivery: Postal 5.99 1 5.99

Vogue 1100Vog