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*New* machine

I picked up this Elna from Freecycle a couple of weeks ago. They said it wasn't working and good for parts. I don't have an "Elna" but a rebranded Elna (Elina 40) and thought maybe it would be ok for some bits for it but it isn't the same machine or even close. When I picked it up it had no cover, no power cord and was filthy. It looked like they over oiled it (like with litres of oil) and it glugged up the insides. I didn't test if it worked but figured it as it was stiff and badly cared for, I could learn something. I pulled it all apart and cleaned it up.
I cleaned it up with a brush (above) and some metholated spirits. I found some of that invisible, nylon thread caught up around something and figured that's what lead the owners to oil it to death.

It was really glugged up all over. I pulled all the cases off and really cleaned her up. I had to get a bobbin case (it's the old side entry bobbin case) and used my very first Janome electric cord wh…

Purchases from the road trip and projects in progress.

Actually, these fabrics above are from The Fabric Store a couple of days ago. The coloured on is a lovely lightweight silk that will make a perfect summer top ($18 1.6m remnant), and the other is the merino backed (the lighter colour that is terry like texture) and nylon stretch stuff that was $8 per metre and what I made the warm tights out of, so as there was more there I bought some more. It's very useful, easy care, great colour and won't go to waste.

This lovely turquoise and dark gold embroidered border eyelet I got at Metro Textiles (or fabrics or something) in Sydney. I dragged my son there for a morning (under promise he would get some swapping cards he is currently interested in), with high hopes of getting some bra making notions and lots of fabric (that I don't need).  This is a polyester that feels very silk like, is lightweight and really gorgeous. I got 2 metres @ $8 per metre.

My experience here was less that enjoyable. The man 'serving' wasn't…

Free patterns - till Friday!

There are a few blogs I go to that have excellent blogrolls. (I have tried to adjust & add to mine but for some reason blogger won't let it happen). Today I went to one and found another I had not heard of before Spit Up and Stilettos. I love the name as I think any mother would get it!

Well they have a range of patterns that they have up for FREE till Friday (U.S. time). You can find the details here. I had not heard of this pattern label before and they have some nice patterns that are on trend and not too difficult. I just downloaded a few and will try to make some up this coming week. I really like that they have the number of pages that the print out will print and they also have some (basic) baby pattens too. The other interesting thing is that they offer their patterns either by usual single download or on a subscription basis of (U.S.)$15 per month. I don't know what the pattern production level is but if you are a very productive sewer this could be a good thing.

No Sewing - just catching up.

No sewing for the last two weeks. We've been away. We did a 12 day driving holiday through New South Wales to get to Newcastle to visit friends. We left the car there and caught the train to Sydney for a few days. (Can you believe it cost as little as $5 for Alex and I to go to Sydney one way!) We had a great time. I had been to Sydney twice last year but Alex hadn't been since 2011. He was desperate to go to the IMAX theatre to see the Ninja Turtles movie ( I would have preferred the shark documentary) but they can only play one movie at a time so we went to the Turtles... holy smoke, it cost nearly $60 for the two of us - no snacks with that - just tickets. Really??? I mean, I was there and I had a 10 year old, and we were on holiday but that is really a rip off. I know the movies are (were) made with special cameras but is animated IMAX the same? Anyone know. What surprised me the most I think is that the cinema (which is obviously huge) was nearly full! We spoke with a fa…