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I went to the fabric sale on Friday with my friend. I'm calling this a teaser as I haven't had time to take any photos of the spoils but wanted to tease you a bit.

It was a little light on fabric this year (but I went Friday and normally go on the Thursday so maybe they got cleaned out a bit?)
They also changed the pricing and had just one price of $6 per metre. There was some lovely wools like this jacket(above)I made last year. I bought some more of this colour and as this one shrank (I didn't prewash!) I want to make another. I also bought some ruffle fabric that I make a skirt with this morning (too cute) and some other stuff I'll photograph tomorrow. 

So, as titled, just a teaser!

Pattern Pyramid Giveaway Winner!

We have a winner. I did the random number generator but I don't know how to show it! It came out No 6 Falling Through Your Clothes! I didn't know her blog until she left a comment - I don't know her name or where she is but it is a nice blog so go and have a look.

I have had a lot of comments (for me!) and I have some new blogs to follow that I had never seen before so thank you for all those who had a look and who entered. I love a giveaway.

And so the pyramid gets smaller and moves. Falling Through Your Clothes please contact me with your email and I will get your address to post the goods!!

In other news I go to the fabric sale on Friday so will post the spoils on the weekend.  I also started uni again today so things will get busy busier here again!

Giveaway - Good odds - last chance!

There are good odds in my Pattern Pyramid giveaway - I'm going to keep it open until Wednesday as I won't have time tomorrow. 

And just so this is not a post without a photo, I've put my son, who chose this spicy prawn noodle soup at lunch last week... he doesn't even like prawns! It was yum!

Pattern Pyramid Giveaway is here!

I was a Pattern Pyramid winner. I was a little worried as Sew Brunswick in Melbourne received hers on 13 July but finally on Thursday I got my patterns so the GIVEAWAY is on NOW!
(my photos would not load hence the delay in posting-sorry)

A lovely haul I must say. Notice the lovely labels also included. There are two labels for each pattern. I really love the Vogue easy dress but I am keeping the Burda Magazine as this is one issue I keep borrowing from the library and I have something picked to sew up already! 

Onto the Rules: Anyone, anywhere can enter by leaving a comment on this post by midnight EST (GMT +10 hours) on Monday 23 July but you must have an active blog.I will randomly select one winner, and post them the collection of 5 patterns along with hand woven labels to be sewn into anything made from one of these patterns.The winner will then pick one pattern to keep for themselves, then host their own giveaway. They will randomly select a winner, post the remaining patterns to  P…

More Info - Fabric Sale

Sue at Quilt Sew Sew Sue left a comment asking for more information about the fabric sale - specifically if it is worth travelling for her. Sue lives in Toowoomba (a beautiful part of south east Queensland known as The Garden City) which is 1 1/2 hours drive away from Brisbane.

Sorry I should have thought to put more information myself. Well it is worth going. I have been stashing fabric from them for nearly 20 years. They are a fashion design company and buy beautiful fabrics for their collections and are all top quality (bar one woolly one that pilled). The prices have ranged from $2 per metre for cottons to, from memory the most expensive they have ever priced is $8 and this is for Italian silk chiffon or Silk organza. Mostly it is natural fibres but all are good value. My stash reflects this. Most of the fabric I have is from them. Who can resist.

I still have some from $15 years ago - one I was caressing deciding to use the other day. A beautiful black cotton velvet (is all velve…


Ok, that fabric sale I talk about is on again. I can't believe it .. I was only thinking about it yesterday and I got the flyer today! Bad thing is, I start uni on Thursday morning! Typical!
Still I won't be able to resist so see you there!

Swimsuit sew-a-long!

I'm doing Dixie DIY's swimsuit sew-a-long! I have the Kwik Sew pattern already (the one on the button) and I have the RED lycra I want to make it with. I have had this pattern for a while - maybe six months, but haven't had time to make it up and now it is winter here, it is a perfect time to make it. I also have a couple of weeks holiday still so no excuses.

I have a rtw swimsuit I bought that is pretty close to that style and it is very flattering for my shape. I think it would suit many body shapes. So watch out here! (now I said it I have to do it).

What's next?

I've got this Butterick Jacket cut out - one of the things I did on my home alone week. I'm making view C with view D sleeves and not sure yet with or without collar, one ore three buttons. So I guess I'm making either C or D, you can't see it well but the sleeve on D have an add on piece with a slit opening. (That all sounds inelegant!)
The fabric is original '70's polyester. It is woven into these diagonal ridges in this fabulous lime green colour. It is very light and if you notice it us fused with interlining/facing(?) to keep the fabric from fraying. I remembered this from my Mum's stash and got it about a year ago. I was a bit hesitant about the  brightness of the green but then I saw the Queen wearing it in Ireland recently (I'm a Republican but I saw it on the news).

Anyway it matches perfectly with this green spot fabric I had just a metre of which was a remnant somewhere for $1. It is a mid weigh cotton but quite open weave - I think it is curta…

I'm a Winner!

Karen at Did You Make That has hosted a Pattern Pyramid giveaway that has patterns going all over the world. If you are a winner, you get 6 patterns - one to keep yourself to make up and then you host a giveaway and pass the rest on for your winner to have a giveaway and so on....

until there are none left! What a great idea - how inspiring! 
Well, I am a winner and I can't wait to get my patterns and host my giveaway. Karen has also made some labels to go with each pattern so that when the garment is made it can be recognised as one of the Pattern Pyramid makes. 
Cannot wait to see what patterns come all the way to Brisbane and more excitedly, can't wait to host the giveaway and see where the rest go.
Keep an eye out!