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Simplicity 8573 and Vintage Pledge

Well it's been a busy summer holiday season what with ageing parents and young children. It's been that 'busy but relaxed' sort of time - many activities, like the day at the big rambling park with lots of friends and cousins and the kids with their bikes and scooters and long picnic table with food. It made for a really fun day and the bonus was that it was so cool at the park despite the 34 deg celsius. 

I actually made this a couple of months ago and have worn this to death. I have spoken of it but had no pictures with me wearing it. It's a Simplicity Jiffy Plus pattern - what's the plus mean? I don't know... maybe a bit more complex? Anyway it was quick and easy.  A couple of things to note about the pattern. See the ties? They are just threaded through channels on the right side of the dress and the back is one piece but the front is made of the top bodice and the skirt part. I omitted the pockets so the pattern would be seen. I also didn't use but…

A kind of review and basic stats- 2015

I'm not that much into stats, but reading others reviews made me wonder again about how many items I made and of what. It's actually really pleasing to see how much I do get done in a year.

So, to the details....
Total number of items made = 49 - most were clothes (5 of 'other')
Total patterns used   = 37
 of those... vintage = 8 (!!)

Review of the 'other'.
Costumes - can you forget the pies....?
Here's a reminder ... I had such fun making these. I really enjoyed working out the process of how to construct the costume so that anyone could use it, being inventive with materials to fit a budget and not to forget my sister's surprise at P1 and P2. (Bananas in Pyjamas reference).

I also made a dog coat... unfortunately my sister's dog died this year also :( RIP Hercules!

Also I made a Finn jumper/hoodie for my boy.

I am so pleased with this with the bonus that Alex still loves it and I will add a band along the bottom so he can wear it again next winte…