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Style Arc Alisha dress photos

I won some tickets to a show at the QPAC (Queensland Performing Arts Complex) - Wizard of the Keys where  piano virtuoso  Behzod Abduraimov    played Rachmaninov Piano Concerto No 3  - he is only 24 and was sensational - not that I'm any specialist, but he did get three standing ovations! So, as I don't get the opportunity to get out to special events often I took the opportunity to wear the Style Arc Alisha dress I made for the wedding in early May. I didn't manage to get a single photo of the dress on that night so I took the opportunity to get some photos. My friend took them with her phone and they are a bit washed out but really nice photos. I wore it with my Burda coat I made (actually for the photo taking friend's wedding in April 2009). Below without the coat showing off the lovely fabric. The lining, which I know you can't see, is a synthetic but superb quality (a Daniel Lightfoot - Brisbane designer of long ago who made/makes beautiful gowns etc


I finally got round to getting some labels. I got 50 from  Name Tapes and Labels  through nothing other than I got sick of looking at label sites and just ordered. They were pretty reasonable (50 for about $25? can't find the receipt right now) and were quick to deliver. I think it was 10 days from ordering. They are woven - dark grey with silver. I wanted something that was neutral so I could put it on t-shirts etc for me but also on my son's clothing. I can fold them and put them in the seam so they are more a tag but I will rarely put them in clothing. I don't like labels in clothing and will always rip it out (so will my son). If I need a hanging tag I will use cotton twill take which is soft and not scratchy. What do you think? I'm not sure about the sewing machine on it now.. a bit twee? Also big thank you for all the encouraging and very complimentary comments regarding my me-made smalls. I can see lots more in my future. 

Undies, grundies, smalls, intimates, unmentionables...whatever you call them

Whatever you call them, I made them finally. I have been putting off buying undies because I can make them but I haven't ever made any before and was nervous about it. Why ever so???? It is so easy. My impetus was finding Kwik Sew 1484 at the Salvo Thrift Shop a few weeks ago. I had a free day yesterday and wanted to sew but had to have a win... I've not been too happy with my fitting lately and have been putting off sewing stuff although I know what I want to make. The first pair I made with fabric leftovers from a Fabric Store buy that I made a bias cowl dress (don't know if I blogged it) and I made them in size Medium and they a bit too big so the next two I made in a small size and they are perfect. The sheer flowery fabric was $2 at the Fabric Store a while ago and I only bought a metre because I like the colours and wasn't sure what to make from it, the other is like a tightly knit but fine power mesh (but it's not mesh - if that makes sense) perfect