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Mish Mash..

Carolyn showed us the table her father made on her blog a few days ago; her family seems to be a really crafty and hand made family which is really inspiring. It also reminded me that I made a table too.  It was a while ago... hmmm let me think when ... it must be about 15 years ago (wow, where does the time go?) 

I was a travel agent for a long while. One of my clients was quite a traveller and a really nice guy.  He ended up travelling lots with me (actually that means booking with me) and he ended up getting married to a young lady who was a furniture maker (and traveller) ... not just an ordinary furniture maker but she had learned from Bell Bros. which was an old traditional furniture make now sadly out of business (quite a while now).  She wanted to teach people how to make simple things and pass on her love of woodwork; and she particularly wanted to teach women.  

When she told me about it I jumped at the chance and another travel agent friend made one after me too.  There were …

Not competitive but community.

While doing yoga this morning (I do it every morning so that I am a little looser due to an old car accident) I was thinking about sewing and about having a blog.  I am not such a proficient seamstress like many in blog land, nor am I so precise and patient like many seamstresses out there.  Then I thought having a blog and a blog land of sewers makes us competitive... I have definitely sewn more since having my blog. During this musing though I changed my mind and decided that rather than making me competitive it inspires me.  I think more about sewing and what I am making and fitting etc.  So thanks to all the bloggers I read (even if I don't comment) for the inspiration, information, encouragement and the sharing of a lovely community.

This is a maxi-dress I made a couple of years ago.  $2 per metre cotton and a shirred bodice with a big ruffle on the bottom.  Sooo comfortable and nice to wear but the cheap fabric didn't last.  We had just been swimming at South Bank on Aust…

Cyprus and warmth.

Well, I haven't done much sewing as it is just too cold in my house at night to sew.  I've lived in my house for nearly 20 years and I caved and bought a heater this year; one of those heavy oil heaters .. lugged it up the stairs, put it together and... it didn't work.  Took it back to the shop the next day, repeated the lugging and putting together for the heater to work perfectly warming up my kitchen and some sewing was done (see previous post) however, that only lasted 3 days; or rather the heater did.  So that went back and now I am wondering should I buy another?? I am cold; so I say yes, but that would be 4 trips to the shops so far for no warmth. 
I had to go to Adelaide to help a friend in need .. cold and wet there .. took fabric to cut out a jacket and she borrowed a machine for me - but a lot of talking, reading and relaxing got done but alas no sewing. That's ok I didn't have my son with me (he was at Dad's) so it was the first uninterrupted time I&…