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I have been sewing..

only not as much as I want or thought I would. I finished a pair of shorts for my son with the last scraps of the fabric I made  Urban Don flat cap . I have a skirt I cut out a few years ago with this fabric but don't like the style anymore. These are too big for him but I just needed to put the waist band on and decided I'd make a channeled waistband (can't remember what these are called just at the moment). When I cut out the pants I had so little fabric that I had to cut the pocket bags out of nice cotton (with helicopters) and just make the part you see out of the fashion fabric... and I mean I had to put the fabric against the grain to get the two small pieces out of it. That's making good use of every last scrap! The next exciting news was I got my Style Arc patterns. I've cut the pattern out for all but the dotty blouse and the Alisha dress is the one I will make for my friend's wedding. I have cut out the slip and will show the fabri

Stash organisation (and shock!) + some basic resolutions

I have been busy! I am in the process of documenting my fabric stash. This is the organisation part of the title; the shock part is just how much I have! I am using  Busy Lizzie in Brizzy 's template for fabric stash data but in a different way. Instead of putting it on cards I have put my stash data on A4 sheets/4 per sheet and put in a clear document folder. I did this more because I had no card to print on and just wanted to start. I like this idea now - suits my needs better, but big thanks for the template of the stock card! This has taken ages!  On and off for a couple of weeks with a huge mess everywhere. I haven't finished yet. I have 2 giant bins full, and 4 baskets (seen above) full with 2 bins (not full) of fabrics downstairs that I'm not going to get into just yet - I kind of know what is in there and some is old quilt covers etc with some fabric but not much (thank goodness). The top photo shows 2 pages of the 'stock card'. On the left a