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Ottobre 5/2017 no 4 and some extra stuff

This is the Ottobre top no 4 from 5/2017 magazine. I have a lot of their magazines but although I like their basic styles I don't make much. I'm trying to get myself using them more. 

Sorry, such bad photos but I never remember when I'm out and about somewhere nice. I made it from some white cotton knit that I bought at a workroom sale locally. The woman was having a big sale and although there were some nice fabrics, it wasn't my style or not that great a bargain to justify stashing. (I've done too much of that already). There was a huge pile of large and smaller remnants and she wanted $20 bag (on of those ugly heavier supermarket bags) so my friend and I shared one bag full and boy did we manage to stuff a lot in that bag. It's a very nice fabric and all the fabrics were good quality. I've got a top cut out of another knit with roses (but I can't find the instruction sheet even though I've tidied everything up!). 

I made my top in a size 38 cutt…

Burda 6471 and sewing machine cover

So I finally finished something after the couch. I started making these in summer I think. I know; counterintuitive isn't it. I often think, I should start sewing for winter in summer so it's ready for winter. Two things wrong with this plan other than the obvious - I don't get that organised. One is that it is so hot in summer, it is just not bearable to have winter fabrics on you while sewing. Two, is that there is no motivation to get it done which also fits with it doesn't get that cold here either.  I just cannot imagine cold weather when I am hot either. Anyway, I really liked these track pants. Call them what you want or buy a fancy indie pattern, but the truth is, they are track pants.
I have a thing for grey too. Love grey trackies. (also commonly known as 'trackie dacks' here). Things I liked about this pattern.... flat front, slant pockets, eyelets and the unbound straight hems. I also love Burda pants fit on me... I like to say I have a "Europ…