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Donna Karan Vogue 1250 Gift Dress

This is the Donna Karan Vogue 1250 I made for my friend. I'd had this fabric for a while but knew it was never for me. It's pretty accurate in the colour on my screen. I remember it was a remnant fabric at Spotlight years ago and I figure I wouldn't have paid too much for it because I probably thought I would make a costume or something from it. When I was doing my stash stocktake (of which this fabric wasn't counted) I saw it and knew it was for my friend. It is so her! Sorry these are really bad photos she just sent me from her phone that was new to her and so they are blurry but they are in the process of moving so the best we will get for a while. When I made her dress I adjusted the cowl to be longer and more curved; the draft for this is a very square and I felt it wouldn't  sit well so I changed it. I did the same for the sausage dress. I don't think this photo needs to be increased in size! When I made Maree's dress, I realised that

Fabric Sale - On again

Fabric sale is on again. I just got the notice - don't miss out! Yes, the ants have taken over the photocopier! Help..anyone know how to get rid of them?

Old Burda makes and daleks

 I made this dress a few years ago. It's a Burda magazine one - sorry haven't got the details handy - and I really loved it. From memory I only wore it once, then I put on weight. I can't do the back zip up at the bodice (but you can't really tell in the photo...I am spilling out of it though - thanks menopause). The skirt part was a piece a friend gave me from her stash, just a polyester satin (thanks Marian) and the bodice part was a remnant of duchess satin from Gardams for $3 from memory. The hem is rolled on the overlocker. I really love the colours and feel of this dress and I'm aiming to get back into this. It's a great summer dress that looks smart but doesn't need a lot of care.  This top is also a Burda magazine make from about the same time ago. This is the second iteration of this top. I loved the first one so much and wore it to death but it faded and pilled. I made it out of this lovely polished cotton from Spotlight a few years ago - it

Style Arc Alisha dress finished

The dress is finished and I wore it to the wedding on Saturday. I started Thursday. There was a few hiccups but not unmanageable. I made the slip but in the end I made a full lining. This is my first fully lined dress and I had to work out the best way. I did this because the pattern calls for the lace to be a scalloped edge and I couldn't work out a nice finish to just make the lace dress so I decided it would be best for a full lining. Close up of fabric I ended up bagging out the top and if you notice, I attempted to give it some turn of cloth so the lining wouldn't show at all. It wasn't a well thought out plan as I added a couple of millimetres all around but I don't think that is the ideal but it worked out ok. Then I had to work out how to make the dress part so I just made a lining and attached the skirt part (lining and dress) to the bagged out top and then to finish made a nice bias strip and finished it like this. I put a hook and eye on the back b