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Holidays... at last!

Well how long has it been?? I finished up my university semester on 10 November and here it is nearly 2 weeks and not much done still.  I have been exhausted since finishing; add 30 degree humid heat and about a gazzilion appointments.  I have nearly finished my appointments and will start on some Christmas sewing for gifts .... funnily enough I am also making some aprons out of Ikea fabric like Bernice at  Raindrops and Bellyflops  for a teacher and a cooking friend who has a birthday breakfast a couple of weeks before Christmas. I have yet to purchase my fabric but am going to Ikea on Thursday to buy some more. I have just recently bought some and made some cushion covers for some cushions I also bought at Ikea about 18 months ago but never opened.  They were vacuum packed in a cylindrical shape that had a diameter of about 10 cm. When I opened them they stayed flat as pancakes for about three and a half weeks and they are nearly fully fluffed now. I wish I had taken a photo as th