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So, I didn't need it... but how could I resist?

Well, I couldn't resist. I went to the fabric sale but vowed not to spend too much. I mean, I have linens from there from 25 year ago! (beautiful Italian linens that were then $2 for a 3 metre length!) As it transpired, I forgot to get any extra cash and so only had the amount I had in my coin tray in the car - I use this for the parking meters normally so I better restock it! First up, above, a cotton fabric that is actually more khaki than the grey it appears above. It was .50c and is enough for a pair of casual trousers or maybe jeans.  This viscose (rayon) above matches perfectly and $6 for 1.25 metres of 140cm wide is a good buy particularly when it is a lovely print. This should become a top to match those pants I'll make (cough, cough) above. This a a beautiful piece of linen that is a beautiful watermelon red colour. Dress or drawstring pants? $2? could you resist??  These are merino scraps in a black, purple red and that grey colour.


Hi... just a reminder of the fabric sale this Thursday and Friday if you live around the Brisbane and surrounds.

Ottobre and Burda - a nice couple.

This is my latest sewing. Sorry it's so crumpled.. I've been out all day and also did some house jobs before thinking about photos.  I had planned to take them while I was out, but of course I forgot my phone today so I used my real camera. I think they are better although the colours aren't perfect. Finally something my $5 pink plastic watch matches! I had shoes on but ditched them when I got home for my trusty Birkis! Introducing my overgrown garden made worse by the heavy rain last week. The patterns are the Grain Field top from the current summer Ottobre 2/2015.  Sue, from Quilt, Sew, Sew Sue has also made this recently  and she has the line drawing there too, if you'd like to have a look. It's an easy pattern and made up in a couple of hours.  The fabric is a remnant piece I bought from Spotlight in Adelaide when I was there in 2011. It was only about 80cm long and 120cm wide. I shortened the top length about 6 cm as Ottobre is made for a taller

It's on again.... The Fabric Sale!

I'm going to go on Thursday but I'm not going to buy anything..... ba ha ha... as if! (I won't be buying much as I have plenty, but it never hurts to look.)

Brisbane Frocktails .... it all worked out in the end!

I was convinced I'd be wearing black to Frocktails last Saturday night. A black net fabric with flowers   actually on it (hard to describe). It needed a lining, it was going to be a raglan style with the sleeves not lined. Very specific isn't it? The problem was, I just wasn't feeling it. I couldn't pick a lining colour, I went through a rayon in a fuchsia colour, a off white raw silk, I couldn't find the purple lining I have (somewhere) and on it went for nearly two weeks. I draped it over me with the linings and looked in the mirror, I did it all but I just couldn't summon the enthusiasm (not even close) to start. I changed my idea of the pattern and decided on a Burda pattern but still couldn't start. Come Friday afternoon, with my deadline looming, I decided to clean the house up (that's a plus really) and then with half an hour before my son was getting home, decided to use a Vogue Designer pattern and a fabric I bought in Singapore in 2009 and pl