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Sandy be kind..

To our U.S. friends being battered right now... I hope Sandy is kind and you are all safe. Good luck. Kookaburra (on right) Here, when you hear the kookaburra call you know it's going to rain.

Anyone used Lekala Patterns

Has anyone used Lekala patterns? There are some seriously great designs there and they are so cheap and they fit to your own size. I mean look at those dresses... I love that one with the folds and that top jacket is just dreamy. The coat at the bottom - just simple clean lines. I'd love to hear if anyone other than Tanit Isis Sews  has made any I'd love to hear how it went. Oh... I have my last lecture and tutorial for this year tomorrow and in two weeks my first (of four) exams... but on the 13 November at 7.30pm I am finished for this year!(But who's counting??)

Damn!! that much!

As the Hunters and Collectors song goes "Do you see what I see???" I saw this ad in Gumtree and immediately emailed the seller... all these patterns for $10 - that wasn't what thrilled me (even though some are nice - but I mean really I don't need to get any more patterns - not that it stopped me buying some the other day..oops!). No, what thrilled me was the Very Easy Vogue pattern in the bottom left corner.... a Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress pattern! The anticipation was almost too much - the woman emailed be back... she'd had no response from the Gumtree ad and so she took took them to the salvos!!! Like I said - DAMN!!

More deadlines...but not fun ones!

  I made a pair of running shorts! Ha that's a joke.. I don't run..YET! I made these about 5 months ago from an old pattern (I can't find it at the moment tho). It's a one piece pattern and I didn't hold much hope for it really but it fits really well. I added about 5cm to the length as the pattern was short (too short for my legs). This was a piece of wicking fabric I bought for a dollar off a remnant table. It was the exact size for these shorts. I used my overlocker and a twin needle for the hems and waist and I used contrasting pink thread.  I also made a little pocket for the front of the waist. This helps me know which is front and back and also, if I ever run outside I can put my key in there. I bought a treadmill recently - just a cheap one from Aldi that was only $300. A (tall)friend suggested making sure it is long enough but I'm pretty short and it 'fits' me well. Now as I can't get out to walk because I can't leave my son