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Togs x 2

I finished my togs yesterday at 5.30pm... great, that gave me 30 minutes to get to the pool before it closed at 6pm and have a swim to test them out. They are great. I didn't 'feel' them at all. I'm still surprised to see that I MADE TOGS! 
Truth be told they are a little big.. not noticeably so if you see me in them but they need to be a little tighter - there isn't enough negative ease for my size. I made a size Y which was a 40. All the measurements except the body length, where I'm 5 cm shorter than the size Y. There isn't any markings on the pattern to shorten the body and I couldn't find any instructions or help on the website with shortening either.  Maybe there is but I couldn't find it.  As I have a tiny back I cut the back band out a couple of sizes smaller but I could have cut it smaller, but I think with one size smaller overall, a slightly smaller back band would be needed still. 

Because I was using smaller pieces of the fabric to make …

Best laid plans..

This is where my togs are at still.... I wanted to finish them to do aqua on Friday but I didn't have the right elastic, what I had was too wide. I went to Trad's on Thursday night to get some and my son wanted sushi for dinner and that was ticking two boxes with one trip. I parked at the shopping centre and luckily I checked for something in my bag before I sat down to eat and realised I left my wallet at home... sigh! So we went back home, got the wallet and I said to my son, I'm getting the elastic before we eat, but of course he closed at 7pm and it was 7.04pm.  Sigh! So instead of avoiding one trip in the car, I added an extra one because I had to go back yesterday after  aqua aerobics and coffee. I hope to finish them today and swim in them this afternoon.

This is a close up of the topstitching on the panels. Two things to note. I realised after finishing that I should have made the stitch length longer. Confession - I rarely think to change the stitch length on a s…

Jalie 3134 with the Girl with the Pearl Earring ... or Frida.

This is the second start at this. The first time was too long and detailed. The short version:
- son started high school... busy.. buses... piano... homework club etc - old parents getting older - house clear out (took forever... did every room) - guests stay - sewing room clean out.
I haven't finished the Burda pants still.. just the waistband and hem to do but I need togs before I need pants. To tell the truth, it has been so hot and humid here, I couldn't bear to think about trying them on to check the waistband size. I do need togs for aqua aerobics and lap swimming, my year round exercises of choice. I was so desperate, I bought a pair at Aldi (that are pretty nice actually for a really reasonable price) but they are not good for active swim sports, more for swanning about. 

I'm using Jalie 3134. There's a story to the pattern but I'll tell you about that another post. This fabric I got from a Brisbane Arcade, shop sale, where the shops sell off their extras.…