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Stash busting with Burda 2711 pyjamas

Finally I made some pjs. I made some about 18 months ago (with Butterick 6883) and I still wear the aqua ones (the others were a gift for my sister). The top on the Butterick was a bit wide in the front and the strap kept falling down... I say was, because I also fixed that up today and took  cm out of the width of the top edge (1.5cm each side) and resewed the binding straps and now they fit perfectly.

However, we are here to see the new Burda pyjamas.

They don't look so good on the mannequin as she is much wider in the shoulders than me. I made my bias binding for the arm holes/straps and the back, but I wanted a contrast for the front. I have a tiny piece of lace that was in my Mum's stash but I couldn't find it (of course) as I was going to put it under the matching bias but when I couldn't find it I decided to use the purchased (eons ago) bias as the colour was right, and then I found the ribbon so put that on too. I like that the ribbon and the contrast bias are…

Simplicity 9522 Jiffy

I made a stripy Super Jiffy Simplicity 9522. I made this last November and wore it to see Ed Kuepper  original member of the Brisbane band The Saints said to have started the punk rock movement. It was a free gig for the G20 meeting that was held here. It was a great gig.. Ed Keeper never disappoints (also loved his band The Laughing Clowns)... but hang on this is a sewing blog so onto the dress.

It's a very simple singlet style dress. The pattern shows it with a side split and self tie belt -both of which I didn't use.  The fabric is from Spotlight and one of the ones I've spoken about taking back.  It's a great weight cotton/poly knit with a great navy stripe... I really like it but.....

See the pilling? That's not even on a 'high traffic area' like on your hip where your bag rubs. That is really bad and pills the instant you wear it.

Good stripe matching on the back. The pattern doesn't call for using bands for the neckline or armholes but sometimes…

What does Geoffrey Rush have to do with pavlova?

(This isn't mine but mine looks so similar but add mango, banana and passionfruit to the kiwi fruit and blueberries with raspberries if Alex hasn't eaten them yet).

At Christmas time, I wanted to make a pavlova for our dessert. We have some celiac relatives and I figured this was the easiest option, it's also cool and refreshing and with our fabulous fruits in season, a real winner. When I looked for a recipe, it came up with this Martha Stewart recipe - "courtesy of Geoffrey Rush"!

The clip is no longer available (and I have looked) but it seems to be about 8 years ago and apparently it is a recipe that his Grandmother used to make. Well I made it too and it's fabulous. I had only ever made one pavlova before and it wasn't great. I was always a bit fearful of making them, but it's really easy. It's a great dessert because it is quick - takes about 10 minutes to whip up and then only 1 hour in the oven and leave it in there to cool completely. It…