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Dressing down with a dressing gown!

I have wanted an autumn dressing gown for a while. Not a summer one because it's just too hot to wear a dressing gown in summer here. It's still too hot at the moment but for once I'm ahead of the game!

I used some cotton I have had for a number of years from when I used to make kindy sheet sets for sale. I've always love the colours green and pink together and I just couldn't see this as anything other than a dressing gown. The contrast trim is what was sold as rayon from an online vendor for only $2 per metre but it's not a rayon as it melts with the burn test. I thought maybe it was a rayon/synthetic blend as the 'print' is kind of heat stamped on, but it's not, it is definitely synthetic. It has a nice drape though so you may see it again. (A note about the fabrics and online vendors: I also bought a slightly more purple with a different 'print' for the same money, but it too was sold as a rayon and it's not.... it's an Australi…

FREE X 2 = Happy!

Yes, that's right... free! One day when driving my son to school I saw the unmistakable shape of the sewing machine cover on the footpath. It was an old one....I dropped him off and hastily made my way back to the main road I saw it on. Phew... still there... I waited for the traffic and crossed and picked up this Singer 201P.  

It looks in excellent condition but the electrical foot pedal needs to be rewired ... it's not going because of this so technically, I'm not sure it works but I'm confident!

Interestingly, I looked it up on a a Singer info site in the UK interestingly called Singer Sewing Info, and this is what it said about the 201P's....

201P models were the same as 201K23’s but they were assembled in Penrith, Australia from parts made in the Kilbowie factory in the UK. The bases and cases for 201P models were made locally in Australia and are different to those for UK built machines.

A few weeks before that, I was driving up a street I regularly pass an…

Three's the charm

I've made three pairs of togs in as many weeks. I am so pleased with all of them despite the Kwik Sew and the McCall's being too small for me.  I love the back of the McCall's one.. it's really comfortable (I mean I can get them on but it isn't something I'd let anyone see!) and very flattering with a nice open back. The shelf bra I put in is really supportive and adds another layer for lining in an area that calls for modesty. They are all fully lined and all good shapes. I'm really happy to have this monkey off my back.

What I've learned is sewing swimwear is not hard particularly if you sew a lot already. Once your hands get the 'feel' of the elastic insertion then you are just about there. You don't need to be particularly pedantic with it even. I've also learned that sewing these two or three piece suits is so much quicker than the many pieced ones like the Jalie. It is just so quick. I think making a few pairs quickly is that you …

Pineapples and togs are great in the Sunshine State

I have been sewing. I seem to have a sewing mojo of sorts. I've needed a white top for a long while. I used the  Ottobre top pattern I traced and changed late last year. I cut the arm holes out a little bit more too. I pinched out a dart size wedge out of the back neckline too. I used some fabric from the fabric sale last year... this piece was .50 cents so it was a very small investment. This is with a floor length tiered skirt I bought in Cyprus in 2009. It's made of beautiful soft cotton voile... I say it's floor length but that's when it's sitting under my armpits... I used to wear it as a strapless dress... you can see how high it its high on my body. Sorry about the bra... it is a terrible bra in quality and shape or lack thereof. Lucky I bought two (not)... they deteriorated in just a number of weeks but I realised when I was wearing the white shirt, I had no other white bra.

I also traced the Ottobre skirt pattern from the current issue. I know I said I sa…