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Brisbane Meet Up

Yum, yum! The Marriott looking grand and the swap spoils in front.  The Brisbane Meet Up was celebrated yesterday at the Marriott Hotel. It was a rainy day and normally I suspect most sewists would have been sewing in this weather but instead we were adding to or subtracting from our stashes and enjoying cake, coffee and great company. I didn't get to speak to everyone (where did the time go?) but I really enjoyed the conversations with those I did catch up with. I'm glad it is agreed that more meet ups should happen and a lot more regularly.  A bit thank you to Lizzie at  for organising this great fun day. Lana, Angela and Marjorie. Angela's dress was a huge hit with many people! Thanks for a great day everyone... see you at the next meet up!

Style Arc Alishia slip, Brisbane meet up and Strawberry dress.

I have made the Alishia dress slip from Style Arc. This is for a wedding that I am going to early May. First up is the rouleau straps. I partly remembered a tutorial about turning these thin straps but having a long length of thread and then pulling it through itself. Not a good explanation - I had a long length of thread (the machine thread) before I started sewing the strap. I then tied the thread onto a needle and threaded the needle through the strap then I gently teased the end into itself - this was the tricky part and where I thought it would go pear shaped - but it didn't and once the end turned into the tube, the heavy satin just glided through and a great strap emerged. I thought for sure it would turn to the proverbial for the second strap, but it did not.  Two perfect straps! Ta da! I then put the straps onto the bust cups and gathered the bust cups and put them onto the front bottom of the slip. It was a little touch and go as I cut this from a remnant piece o

Style Arc, stash busting and Melbourne.

I made the Style Arc Kerry Cargo Pants this afternoon. I cut them out and then I called back Telstra to fix my Dad's Foxtel account. In the time it took me to sort the problem out, I had nearly finished them by the time I spoke to the tele sales person... notice I didn't say by the time I fixed the problem! Can you see the phone.. it was 32 minutes by then but I had about another 20 minutes left to do. These are quick and easy.  I didn't look at the instructions at all. I nearly didn't make the side cargo pockets as I was making these just to see the sizing. When I made the McCalls jumpsuit (not finished, not blogged yet), it didn't fit around the bum and I checked the pattern pieces against the Style Arc one and they were very similar - so i added 1cm to the side seam and they fit fine - glad I added it though! No pictures on yet. These are a wearable muslin made from my stash. This fabric is some from my Mum's stash that she gave me years ago. I made the

Kwik Sew K4026 and McCalls M6359

Do you ever plan to sew something, prepare and cut out and then just completely ignore that and do something else entirely? That is what happened with Kwik Sew K4026. I had cut out the slip for my Style Arc Alisha Dress muslin and needed thread so I went to Spotlight (where I don't buy thread - I buy it at Trad's Emporium at Cannon Hill) and bought a Kwik Sew Pattern and some sewing needles. If you didn't know they have (had?) the patterns on sale for $3 and the Schmetz needles as a 2 for 1 deal. I made this out of some $2 per metre knit I bought at East Coast Fabrics. I just made the top to see the fit. I didn't adjust the cowl well I see, sorry, but it does sit better than appears in the photo. The skirt part would need to be lined (I'm wearing a hot pink bra under there but with a flesh coloured bra it would be fine) and I didn't want to go to that trouble if the top wasn't good. As it happens the top is ok. I cut a size small but I think I could