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Christmas... big wet!!

Well it is Boxing Day evening now.  Little one is asleep after a late, late night last night.  We had a big day at my sister and brother-in-law's place.  Three little boy cousins going crazy!  It was forecast for a big wet yesterday, and while the ground was soaking it didn't rain much yesterday (actually the water wasn't going anywhere-after weeks of rain everything is just full!)  This reminds me of 1974... the year Cyclone Tracy tore through Darwin.  I was due to start high school after the school holidays.  I remember it rained like this for weeks on end and we had huge floods and Darwin was flattened... literally. Brisbane CBD flooded. The street where I lived (and my parents still live) is three blocks from the river and it was flooded, of course.  Kids rode their bikes through it and went swimming but from a family of 5 young girls, we were not allowed.  Good thing too... spiders and snakes floating around along with everything else! (and you know here in A

Party Sewing

Well my very good friend P is having her 50th birthday party this Saturday night at her house.  She is very much the collector of fine wines and champagnes and she has chosen very carefully for her special night.  So, of course I have nothing to wear and I am making a dress that I cut out about 6 months ago (trying to get prepared for summer by sewing it in winter - ha that didn't happen!).  This is due to laziness more than anything as a) it is quite a simple pattern with no real fitting necessary and b) I hate cutting out patterns. This is the pattern... bought for 20c from the local jumble sale at the church up the road.. nice and simple and suits the olive green satin I bought from same sale for $3.  That's the 4 gore skirt made and just hanging waiting for me to sew up the top. The printed fabric above is Swiss cotton (made in Japan- what does that mean) I bought from Lincraft about 18 months ago for $6 per metre and the other is a stretch twill that I got as a r

Mother's Love

Well I just saw this on another blog and I like it! So true!