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Wearing the skirt... and a bra.

This is a bad elevator photo of one of the Halle skirts. It's worn with he rayon top and a long cardi bought at Kmart. I'm going to copy this cardi as I like it. I didn't think I would hence buying a cheap one but having said that, I've used it heaps and it hasn't pilled. I've got a lovely floral knit I bought from the fabric sale last year (earlier this year??) but as it's going to be 37 degrees tomorrow, don't know if it's worth investing the time.  Also I made a bra. I went to a bra making workshop last Saturday. It's not finished and it doesn't fit hence the not finished. I'm leaving you with some photos and when I have the energy on the weekend I'll review the course and the pattern as I see it. Maybe it'll be finished by then too... I have it half pulled apart now to redo and I also have a Kwik Sew pattern I have had cut out for a couple of months and maybe I'll get that made too. Not bad for a first go and really

And the rest..including Style Arc Halle Skirt

This should be called the *rapiest photos ever.. anyway, this is from probably two months ago. I have just had no time to get good photos or me wearing them even though I wore them a lot during winter. Of course winter here is about 5 minutes long.  I scored the Style Arc Halle Stretch Skirt from the Spooleetes High Tea in April. I love the asymmetric front. The skirts below are not in the order I made them.  It's a great pattern. Three pieces and I can cut one out and sew it up in 30 minutes. Perfect work skirt.  This piece of fabric was from New Zealand when I was living there in 2003. It was just a small piece and just enough for a front/back straight piece using the back pattern piece only, with splits on the side. It is excellent fabric and a very plain but useful skirt. The  second made was the very spongy black patterned knit stuff. I bought this at Darn Cheap in Melbourne last year. It's soft and warm and very easy to sew. It was the full size and is ni

Kinky Orange

This is my beautiful friend who lives in the States and is right in the thick of the storms at the moment, but a two weeks ago she was here and for a big birthday (hers) we went to see Kinky Boots. It is a terrific show... plus shoes!! This was outside in the walkway from the Lyric Theatre. Maree's favourite colour (well one of them) is orange.  She got her great boots at a sale in the States .. fantastic leather suede over knee boots... so envious!! And very fitting. More orange. This is my new rashie outfit for aqua aerobic. Even though I hate the bands that come from wearing a rashie, I'd hate skin cancer just so much more, so rashie it is. Just for some perspective, this winter the average daily temperature was 26 degrees, with no rain and the clearest, most beautiful blue skies ever. Perfect for cultivating opportunity for skin trouble. Back to the suit. It's made up from scraps left over from other togs I made  about 18 months ago. I would have liked to