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Still no sewing... but we gotta eat!

 Yes, there is no sewing today... sung to the tune of "Yes we have no bananas today".. still. I still have 3 assignments left and then two exams in exam block so I'm trying not to get distracted and finish well. But we gotta eat don't we? This is my quick and easy version of spinach pie or spanakopita in Greek. Normally I make it in a dish and slice it up and it has some raw rice in it (to soak up the water the spinach puts out) but that is because it takes a while in the oven, about 40 minutes. This way it is much quicker to cook (an nicer to eat I think) and so there is no need for the rice. Everything else is the same. Ingredients: Fresh or frozen spinach block feta cheese finely grated hard cheese (romano, parmesan etc)about a handful 1 or 2 eggs beaten 1 pack filo pastry 20g butter, melted mixed with some olive oil salt, pepper, nutmeg and cinnamon (if you don't like any or all of these just don't add) dill chopped if you like it (I didn't