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Little Boy Pants

These are some rtw jeans that my son had. The khaki ones fit him like a glove.. the others...look like *rap! The length of that crotch was big enough nearly for me! I find that a lot with pants for boys... anyway we'd had these in the wardrobe, along with two other pairs of pants (pull on ones) with the same problem so i decided I'd tackle them... this is about 2 months ago actually, but just noticed the photos again. So I cut the pants to the same shape as the khaki and voila! Three 'new' pairs of pants and no trip to the shop. Sometimes I just figure, by the time you get into the car, drive 20 mins to the shops, get a get the picture, it's just as easy to adjust (in this case) or make something from scratch yourself!

Ruffles for distraction.

Hmm.. that mirror was embarrassing so it was cleaned as soon as I saw the photos. It wasn't noticeable in real life! Notice it's at about 8 year old boy height!
So this is a ruffle skirt I made about 6 weeks ago. I got the fabric at the fabric sale I talk about for $8 per metre. It was the only colour. If you hold the fabric up one way; it was just like normal ruffle fabric... nice straight ruffles going across, but if you turned it the other way,the little catches in the knitting made the ruffles scallop and I thought it looked interesting so cut the skirt this way. The skirt is really comfortable and goes with a black merino wool knit top I bought at the fabric sale last year for $5 and the little cotton/linen jacket in the photos is from this years sale for $10. You can't see it in the photos but it has buttons down the centre back - a cute feature.
I cut the skirt in a way that made a little fish tail at the back and you can also wear it to the side and make it asymmetri…

Oh.. I remember that!

I made half made this jacket about 20 years ago... wow I can't believe it is that long ago but it is! This was my first and only attempt at welt pockets of any kind.... and with at zip!! I impress myself. (maybe only me!)And how is that zip insertion?? Again I impress myself...

This was not at a time when I had any guidance, technical assistance (from books or teacher or anything) bar the pattern instructions ...and there was not a thought in my head that I should do practice welts. Never would have occurred to me until I read it in a blog. So obvious when you read it! I know they are not great but I am pleased with them and the zip.

This is a Kwik Sew pattern that I still have and will try to finish this jacket in the long summer holidays for my Mum when she walks. 

The fabric colour is most like the top photo. It is completely water proof and I got it for less than a song at the fabric sale I go to about once a year.I've got more things I need to complete but some don't fit…