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Valentino....and so much other stuff.

Hope 2011 has started well for you all.  I have declared it "Year of Me!"... that is, that I will do things that will suit me and my son, not everyone else.  I tend to be the person who will go to everything she is invited to even if it means getting tired or putting myself out in some way.  We all do this, I'm sure but I need to pull it back a bit.  I have 3 legal battles going on (all personal and tiring) and my study, keeping the house and garden (ha) neat and tidy and of course the most important; my son.  So starting with holiday to Adelaide to see my girlfriend and her family; I am practising the "Year of Me".  Actually this is not that big a sacrifice as 1) They have a new home.. with a pool. 2) it is over 30 degrees there and sunny 3) it is STILL pouring rain nearly every minute here and not the least because 4) her husband is also on holidays at this time and is a fantastic cook!  They have been away from Brisbane for much of the last 15 years so since