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Done with no struggle - Burda 2/2015 106 Blouse - Edited with photos wearing blouse

Edit - I've taken photos with me wearing the blouse as requested some commenters. Sorry they aren't great - I've just used my 11 year old's selfie stick but you see what it's like on. It fits nicely around the bust and shoulders but is very loose and could be smaller by two sizes easily. My sister says it looks like I'm wearing Mum's pyjamas - huh, what does she know. It doesn't sit too low but low enough. So pjs or top, what do you think? I should have remembered to take off my glasses or cut my head off... when I cropped, that is. Yay! I finished something that went smoothly!! Not cutting errors, no machine problems... nada, nothing. Just smooth sailing and done in a couple of days. Plus, I love it. I made blouse 106 from Burda Style February 2015 - the cover blouse. (borrowed from the library too - love that). Here's my top on the dress form, just freshly finished (hmm... this looks unfocused now, rats).  No photos on m

Done... but what a struggle.

That above, is how much thread was on the bobbin - a few centimetres - when I finished this cape.  The only bit of ease with this project - just had some frustrations that wore me out (maybe because I was at the start of a run down feeling and it wouldn't have bothered me so much otherwise).  This is Butterick 5909, a See & Sew pattern that my friend from the U.S. sent me (top right in photo below) last Christmas. It's a really simple pattern - "Very loose-fitting, single layer wrap has collar, flat-fell seams, shaped hemline and unfinished edges." It recommends boiled wool but I didn't have any and not being sure of the wearability of this for me  I opted to make it out of a piece of wool mix that I had bought, many years ago,  as a very large remnant from the fabric sale I go to. It's a darker, more blue based red than appears in the photos where it looks a little raspberry red (which is quite nice though).  I made size XS in view B which

What a mess.

My son goes swimming training on Mondays after school. I do laps in the outdoor pool while he goes in the indoor pool to get changed and do his hour of swimming. Last Monday, just as I was ready to jump in (no feeling the water with my toes... it's heated but the first half lap can be refreshing in the winter), he runs out to me. I thought he forgot his goggles but no, he came to tell me that when he got changed and he threw his shirt up in the air onto the heating element  (huh?) which melted his school shirt. It was expensive and is very poor quality. (some background: The uniforms used to be made by a company just around the corner from me by local people in a local business that has been around a long time who give very good service, quite good quality and are reasonably priced. A large company  has started a business whereby they go into schools selling an idea that the schools sell the uniforms as a fund raising exercise - something I am totally opposed to - the represent

P1 and P2 revealed!

I gathered my supplies.... I measured and cut, measured and cut.... I painted and splotched (hey that is a word!), this is just the test piece... I sewed and sewed and sewed (about 18 hours total).... .... and then they formed.... Introducing P1 and P2..... Four 'n Twenty pies!!! My sister {one of four - don't leave a message saying my sister called ;)} works as National something or other for Patties Foods who make the world famous in Australia Four 'n Twenty pies. They are major sponsors for the AFL (Australian Football League - different to rugby and league). They had a novelty event at the football and my sister thought wouldn't it be great if we could get some pie costumes so she checked on google..... plenty of costume of pizza, soft drinks, sausages etc etc, but no pies. Her boss said maybe we could get them made, but who could do that?? "I know just the person" my sister said! So pies were made. (as opposed to pot

Who is P1 and P2??

Yes.. who is P1 and P2?? I have been working on a project for my sister.... I can't tell you till Friday. Of course if you are Australian you will get the reference  - not sure how far the Bananas go. All will be revealed soon. Stay tuned!