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Holiday fabric

So onto the fabric....I really wanted to go the Clear It but didn't have time and with Alex sick, we just had some rest days. It's in a great food area too which would appease Alex so easily. Not a big problem as I don't need any more fabric (I should just stop saying it or buying it), but you have to look don't you. When we did have time on the last day, I repaid Alex his good nature and we went to the old Melbourne Goal, which was terrific. All my fabrics are from Darn Cheap Fabrics at Glen Huntly, the shop I went to last time. Nearly all of these were either remnants or off the $2 table. 

The coral fabric is a lightweight linen/cotton perfect for a little summer shirt and the cat fabric is for t-shirts for Alex. That's the only full price fabric (at $6.95 per metre it's still cheap). He loves cats and I can use this with other colour blocking.

The colours are a bit off here... the one on the left is a bit more aqua than baby blue an a lovely linen look cott…

Melbourne holidays and fabric buying.

While those who can try to leave the southern states in the winter for the warmer climes of Queensland, during the recent school holidays we went to Melbourne. I was lucky that I could get time off (without pay) from my new employer for the school holidays and so I decided my first pay packet in 13 years would be spent wisely on the things I love... being with my son, travel and fabric!
Years ago I had a boyfriend from Melbourne so went down firstly to meet his family and then years later I  worked for a travel company that is based in Melbourne and we would go down for training and managers meetings at least twice a year for 6 years and since then, have been going regularly at least once a year. I loved Melbourne from the first time I went down.. the food, the shopping, the comedy, the arts, the theatre and most importantly the very different nature of the people. Of course I didn't just limit myself to Melbourne but visited many top areas in the surrounds too. 
So off we went. …

Murder most glamorous

In case you didn't know this was coming - looks fun! Coming soon our recent trip to Melbourne.