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Giveaway Winner!

Hi Everyone.  I have just draw out the winner of my blogiversary giveaway.
Before I announce who won, I'd like to thank those who entered and also those who became followers!  

I really like the comments about the sewing community... it is really nice to connect with people who like to sew and have an interest in making things etc.  I only have one friend (friends for 35 years!..what???) who also sews so it is nice to see and learn from many inspirational people.  

So without further ado ...

Emilie, congratulations!  Please go into comments with your email or address and I will post it on Friday!  


Well, on Wednesday 27 April I have been blogging for 12 months!  To celebrate I am giving away a length of fabric, some retro sunglasses and a 1948 tuxedo blouse pattern!

The fabric I bought at a second hand shop on Bribie Island.  It's an openish weave, linen like fabric.  Not my colours (I don't do brown) but I saw it on someone a while ago in a lift and it looked nice.  There is 1 1/2 metres and it is 140cm wide.  The pattern is size 16 bust 36" .... I have seen one on the net and it is in colour... the lot of patterns I got at the jumble sale were all this era but all the McCalls are in black and white.  I have not opened it but presume it is all there (if I get time I will check).  The sunglasses are divine I think and I know someone will love them!
So leave a comment and tell me what your favourite parts are of blogs you read.  I will send the goods anywhere and I will draw it on Thursday night Australian est. And when you make something or wear the glasses send me a …

Pyjamas from yesterday (or way before yesterday)

I realised that I had said that I would post about the old retro patterns I had found at the jumble sale at the church up the road... I posted a couple of lovely dresses and then forgot all about it.

I thought I would show some of the old pyjamas for girls, misses and women. Which do you like? 


Hmmmm.... this little machine I saw at Spotlight today for $399!  reduced from $700 I think it was.  I'm a little confused as I understood some of the features were exclusive to Janome and upon some research, Janome apparently makes Elna now.   This is my newer machine .... but I bought it from Aldi about 18 months ago for $250 reduced from $299!  (branded Lacura)It runs like a dream and I have been really happy with it, but till now always thought it was just a rebranded Janome with some slight cosmetic changes.  
If you do see this out and about, definitely don't buy it for $700 and even though it may be worth the $399, you may get it cheaper elsewhere... I was trying to see the same model in the Janome stockists but as it is rebranded Elna, it's no wonder I didn't find is a good machine however and I have used it exclusively since buying it.  My Janome I have had for 25years and even though it still runs fantastically, I use this one because it has a one ste…

It could be a bum!

In my "about me" I mention that I like coffee.  I'm not in the financial position to buy a good coffee machine but none-the-less I do have one my sister bought at, what is know as "The Dump Shop", for $8.
The Dump Shop is exactly as it sounds ... a shop at the dump, where you put stuff you want in a spot marked out like a parking space and then the guy comes over and tell you how much for the whole lot! She has has some truly fantastic bargains this way of stuff you kind of want or need but just can't justify the cost.  Most of the stuff is pretty new and people living in this era of what I call "afluenza" just dump stuff they don't want or need any more. (suits me!)

Therefore, every morning I make myself a lovely latte.(as lovely as this machine can manage anyway).  A lot of mornings I get this type of manifestation in the froth:
 I see it as a sign for the day.  I always show my son saying "hey look, Mum got a heart in her coffee again&q…

Remnants and bits and pieces.

It's been nearly a month since getting my Ottobre magazine but I haven't had time to make anything from it, although I have read it a few times and keep looking at the styles. I have been doing lots of little bits and pieces that have been waiting a while ... I pulled apart a peasant top and put some lacy bits around the neck and puffed sleeves.  It was a 1 mtr piece of quilting cotton in lovely green and purples but it was just too much and the white lace breaks it up. I think it was a $2 remnant!

This dress above I made probably about October last year, both top and bottom made from remnants.  The bodice I spent ages putting on some flat red "beads" in a random pattern.  When I washed it, you can just see the red from the bodice ran into the white.  I was so annoyed but I couldn't throw it away ... then a few months before I bought some red dye and dyed it so now it is all red but looking now I prefer the white.  

When in Adelaide I bought some Dragon fruit, my s…