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Last makes of 2013 and final tally!

So this will be the last post of 2013. I am not going to enter into the hit/misses of the year as I was so distracted by uni and court cases nothing seemed to be the right size. I am promising myself a course in fitting and I hope it comes off early in 2014, but first I need to win lotto or get a job to pay for it!

I seem to have made 324,068,762 pairs of shorts for my son this year - mostly for school, and some only 2 weeks before the school year ended as they simply did not fit even in a 'made do' kind of way (bottle green, YUK). Last week I bought him a pair of board shorts from Kmart as even in home wear, nothing (really nothing - I made him wear the tight shorts to the shops) fit him. I had just bought him some black/grey camo print drill from East Coast Fabrics a few weeks ago ($6 per metre-I got 1.5m and made 2 pairs of shorts and have enough for half a pair) and a Burda board shorts pattern. I made him a pair in some nylon striped fabric (sorry no pic here) and they fit…

Silk flowers, finally.

This is Burda 4/2012 110A. The fabric is silk that someone put on the 'take' table at one (of only 2)Guild meetings I managed to go to. I loved it immediately. It is crisp and swishy and feels lovely on. Those of you who are a bit observant will note that this is a dress - but that Burda 4/2012 110A is not. It is a pants suit. This was a pants suit when I made it 12 months ago. I made it just in time to go to a friend's 40th birthday celebration in the park on a beautiful sunny Brisbane summer afternoon - sounds perfect, right? It was until my son said "Mum, you look like a clown!" I took it off and put something else on. 

The problem/s were:

Bodice cut one or two sizes too big,
Pants with pockets and blowsy top was unflattering (clown like)
and the pockets it had (no more) added bulk to this.

During the year, I took the bodice princess seams in about 6 cm and removed the pants from the bodice and cut off the pockets. Because they were designed as harem pants (which I…