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Floating with cocktails and other adventures.

Hi! Long time no see. I'm going backwards here with  unblogged items. I'm starting with a  pencil case I  made for my son at the beginning of the year. Pencil cases are pretty expensive and really *r@p. I used some zips I had in stock (ha ha , I feel like I have  "stock") and  some great 'fabric' I picked up in  Spotlight . It's kind  of net over some plastic. It was on sale for $8 per metre and then half price for $4.  There was also  a hot pink one too, but when I took them to the counter they didn't want to give me the  pink one for the half price so I left it  because they didn't say before cutting that it wasn't  on sale.  Anyway, I had to go back later for something I forgot and  it was  in the remnant bin so  in the end I got it for $2.50.  I  bought it to make some shopping bags .. still unmade min you. Anyway my  son really liked the pencil case but after 1 day it had scribble on it and the tab on the zip was missing!??  I'm going…