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More new PJs

You may wonder why,  after making a set of pjs recently (at the end of the post)  I am making another set so quickly. I usually only have one set on the go... we have sunshine year round and it can sometimes take only minutes for them to dry and with so many things I want to sew, I usually make them out of need.  Anyway, if you notice on the other set, I had made them out of a remnant of a dress I had made years ago. I had enough fabric because I cut the top on the cross grain. Now I learned at TAFE for Fashion Design and Apparel Production that I did vocationally in the '90's that natural fibres possibly only woven, will shrink up... meaning in the length, not the width. I had pre-washed this fabric years ago, but when I made these last pjs, after a few washed, the fabric shrunk but being cut on the cross, they shrunk width wise. They still fit well, but being SO hot at night, they are just too close to my body. Plus they were a  shirting cotton weight and I usually like

Belated welcome to 2019

Happy 2019... I hope it has started well for all of you. I had a great start with a get together  bringing the new year in at my friend's apartment right on the beach at Broadbeach where there was fireworks all along the beach. Such a fun evening even if I had to drive down to the coast after work.  The morning before I started, I made a sparkly skirt and wanted to make a top the day before but didn't gt time so I wore my black top I made for my Dad's funeral. Unfortunately the only photo I have my skirt doesn't feature but we got a nice photo together! A better photo is from our recent (got back yesterday) holiday to New Zealand. We went to the south island to Christchurch, then to Franz Joseph and Fox glaciers, the Marlborough Sound and Wellington. Sounds like it was short, but it was 10 days with lots of driving on some amazing roads. I've been a fan of Nick Cave since the early 80's and my first time was when he was part of The Birthday Party at