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Ta Da!

Well I've finally finished something!  I finished my Butterick 5187 jacket. I bought this scrap of wool from the fabric sale for $5 I think and it was not enough to face the back panel so I used a fine fabric that I made a dress from (must show it one day).  It is an unlined jacket but the wool keeps you very warm and it is my replacement for a sweatshirt or fleece. It got very thick in some places but it is very soft fabric so wasn't a big problem. This is very easy pattern as it is an unlined jacket and really perfect for our cool but not cold winter days.
The black turtle neck is a sleeveless top out of merino wool that I also bought at the fabric sale and it was $20 but really warm.  I also bought a long sleeve top in this fabric but as it had a tiny (unseeable) hole it was only $5. 

The other top is one of the Vogues I bought  at the beginning of the year and I tested it out with this cotton knit I bought forever ago. I love the colours and I made the top a longer tunic len…

Fabric delights.

My camera is three years old and now will only take 2 or 3 photos at a time, but I have finally had the time to upload them to show you my fabric purchases from two weeks ago. When you look at these fabrics the colours are a little more vibrant than you see here and keep in mind they were all $3 per metre!!! What a buy!
They also sell some made up things and I bought two wool jackets (unlined) and a black shiny plastic longer jacket (that I can't find at the moment) I will photograph these and show you soon.
Now onto the fabrics, firstly, L - R a cotton sateen with some stretch, a green wool felt and a silk organza with some nobbly bits on some of the dots. 
Secondly, a cotton voile, a remnant of silk chiffon (I think) and the next two are fabrics with metal through them.  The first one is a white cotton and the second is the same as the pinky colour I made the pink burda coat from.  (I can't get it to link up but check the older posts).  It was a tricky fabric to sew with; well …

Sewing from the not too distant past...

Well, I had lots of things to show today but my camera doesn't want to play so I can't show you the fabrics and clothes I bought at the fabric sale I went to (see previous post).  I can tell you I bought felted wool, silk organza, Japanese cotton voile, wool knit, and 2 fabrics with woven metal threads all for $3 per metre!!!  There is nothing you get for $3 per metre let alone this quality.  (even the remnants at Spotlight are $2 per metre!) Anyway will show you when I get the camera happy again.

My sister is having her 40th birthday party tonight and it is an 80's themed party! Even though she was born in 1971 she thinks the music of the 80's was better! The reason for telling you this is because she wanted photos of her and the rest of us send to her and while I was looking I found photos of some things I had made many years ago.  So I scanned them and thought I would share them.  

I made my middle sister's wedding gown in 1989.  (I have 4 sisters - the one with t…