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It's been a while - lots of sewing done

Wow, it's been a while and I've been sewing up a storm. Don't even know how to start. I've done sewing for me, my son and for some gifts. Sorry about the chopping all over the place in this post. I've so much to say and made so much but not many photos of being worn and so the rotten photos I have here or else it would never get done. There will be a 2nd catch up post because this one would be too long if I did everything. Firstly the patterns I asked my friend to bring me back from the States. I know there are some very similar but I guess I was giving the list like I take to Spotlight expecting I won't get them. I did try to get these at the sale before this one but I didn't get one of these. I've got half the pattern paper cut out already and to tell the truth with 30 degrees in winter next week I'm going to use them earlier than I thought! I'm excited to have the sports bra pattern. I'm going to make a first one in lycra and