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"Stitches in Time" Singer Competition

Image from here  imgres Singer is having a competition for their 160th Anniversary. They are calling for stories about sewing with Singer and the prize is a limited edition machine.  You can find it on  . I've had a look but just quickly.

Robin Hood

A few weeks ago I picked up my son from school a little bit earlier as we had an appointment to go to and his teacher said "oh we were just talking about what will happen tomorrow with the children do their parade of story characters tomorrow" "oh" says me ... "what parade" "it came in a note a few weeks ago" "mmm... no I didn't get that note" "Not to worry... just make something up out of what you have at home is what we've said. No need to go and buy anything" "Ok" me says again. So after our appointment and at 5.30pm while making dinner, I whipped up a Robin Hood outfit.  I think if Robin Hood went out in this the rich would feel sorry for him and give him their riches but my son was thrilled (as 7 yo boys are when you "whip something up" for them).  He was so grateful he kept saying, "wow, this is great", "I can't believe it!".   It

Family additions!

Oh, sorry... I don't mean family additions in the way  Kristy  does! I mean of the paper variety! Remember the trip to Bribie Island and our little stop on the way at the thrift shop? Well these are the patterns I bought for 20c each. Bargain!  I really love the kimono sleeves on this one  and it looks so simple (I wouldn't use the big cuffs as I feel overwhelmed by those types of details).  The girls dress comes with transfers to replicate the white and yellow dress/top.  Reminds me of the dress  Treena self drafted  in August.  Might try to enlarge that for myself! This is really for a friend who sews for her neices.  This cowl top is designed for woven fabrics!  I will make it with short sleeves though as too hot (not today mind!) soon for long sleeves.  I liked the Burda for the red striped dress as it is princess seams and that is much more flattering for me and I think it will be an easy one to modify. I don't usually buy costume patterns but I bought thi

Crayons, frogs and jelly fish with the last stretch coming up!

I am not talking about fabric (or even horse racing) but the last stretch before I finish this (first) semester at uni (and the last term before school holidays for summer!) I have only had one week holiday (school holidays was two weeks) but it was relaxing and fun.  I had my sister's boys over for a sleepover on the first Monday.  I bought them all a white t-shirt and had fabric crayons and they drew their own design on them.  I washed the shirts and two of them wore them the next day when my Mum and I took them to the Planetarium for a look see and a show.  Before the show at lunch time we had a small picnic and a play at the Botanical Gardens next door.  Then a play and explore after inspecting Neil Armstrong's space suit and other stuff there. Boys love this stuff! T-shirt designing Two finished shirts  Three boys and a planetarium Then one sister and nephew joined us for a Bribie Island beach mini break.  A friend has a house two minutes from the surf beach t