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Yesterday we had my son's 9th birthday party. He was 9 on Wednesday! Where do the years go. He's a really good boy and I am so proud of him. Since he could walk (at 11 months) he's had a bicycle and he's had two good ones and two cheap ones. Mostly he has worn them out (the Apollo was sold on). I bought him a new bike for his birthday and if he has said thank you one time he has said it a thousand! He has been getting up and getting ready for school (which includes piano practice and making his bed) and then goes downstairs to the lane to ride it before school!)

He had a laserforce party (again) which he loves as do his friends. I normally make a themed cake but he wanted a Terminator cake (?) and I had no clue or the time to do it so I made a 'boring' round cake with the surprise rainbow in the middle! The boys loved it. I made an orange and poppy seed cake with no poppy seeds as one boy was allergic - I usually make it with almond meal too but for the same rea…

R.I.P. Chrissy.

I've mentioned music is my the late '70's, 80's and 90's there was great Australian music playing every weekend in Brisbane. Chrissy Amphlett fronted the DiVinyls. Once I saw them in Brisbane at The New York Hotel...(now it's the Myer Centre!) it was a beautiful hotel with iron lace lifts and had just been restored. It was an amazingly shocking and exhilarating show! She was a great show person and I feel a deep sense of sadness at her passing at such an early age.. just two years older than me. She was brave, sexy, beautiful and talented with a truly unique voice. R.I.P Chrissy... thanks for the good times.

Hello, hello?? anyone here....

Yes, I'm here... just. There has been no sewing here.. my sewing machine is still on the table however, with the half made dress still draped over it. I'm just so busy with uni and to be honest I am really not feeling it - but I must get into it and finish hard for my last 7 or so weeks. I have two assignments due next week and then three more and two exams at the end. 

I have been representing myself in court for a personal matter related to my separation... in fact I have been doing this for the whole time I have been studying so I am really tired of it but I have an end date... 30 August. So I have a number of weeks after I finish to prepare for a trial. Oh and work out what to prepare!

My son made me breakfast a few weeks ago... toast with a chai tea. What a little honey! 
 This was on a calendar my middle sister gave me for Christmas. Ha .. I like it! I will get a frame for it (when I get time) and hang it in my sewing room or maybe kitchen where more people will see it.


Do you have labels for your hand made items? I want to get some labels but don't know where to go... I mean I know I can look the  up and find a gazillion label makers, just wondering who you get yours from. 

I'd like some woven ones but pretty basic ones, also. I need to choose my colours right as I don't like labels on the inside of clothing so I will probably put them on the outside somewhere. When I buy clothing, I take the label off!

Any suggestions?