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Brisbane Spoolette's meet up

Alice and Lizzie Alice and Lizzy again (yes I know, it's nearly the same photo, sorry!) Bianca and Rosie - both are more gorgeous in real life! Another bad photo but it shows Lizzie's beautifully fitting dress and Rosie's gorgeous outfit. Saturday 28th March was the Brisbane Spoolette's 2nd high tea meet up. It was also my birthday so double bonus.... I get to celebrate and have fun and I don't have to do anything! (I also had a 50th birthday party immediately after which was great fun also). I wore my Style Arc Alisha dress and got many lovely compliments... thanks ladies! I was RACKED with indecision about what to make... even at 10am I was thinking I could make something simple but still could not cut into anything. (It's been a busy time around here and it's slowed down from yesterday thank goodness). I took 4 photos, with only two really worth it, but I got so caught up with talking and catching up with everyone that I f

It's a winner!

It's not finished here... he was so excited .... I needed to finish one side of the zip, hemming  and the binding bit on the neckline. We have two winners in fact. Alex LOVED the sweatshirt and Colesworth commented knowledgeably that it was Adventure Time show copy. When Alex came in on Sunday night and saw it (not quite finished) on the couch, he was happily shocked it was "so good".  When I told him I was making it for him on Saturday, he was being very polite and said "oh, thanks Mum, but no offence, I don't think I'll take it". He's at that age where perception is very important - if it was anything other than perfect, I knew he wouldn't wear it. I was very happy with his reaction. Such joy in making him happy! If the sweatshirt wasn't an option, he (as most boys his age) wanted to go as some creepy, dark thing (wearing his cloak I made - so that's still good) but I came across a picture of a sweatshirt you can buy for abo

Can you guess?

Can you guess what this is going to be (it's nearly done!) There has been sewing going on. My son goes to camp for a week tomorrow and needed a 'fancy dress costume'. (on a side note, I found out only after being the cray cray woman at school... they don't give ANY information about the camp so I only knew this because I asked for a copy of their schedule, how dare I? - I got it Friday.) I have made some shorts from some Indian cotton type heavy weave stuff (that was conveniently lying around) and then I had to make the top part. If you have an 8 - 13 or so year old boys around you might guess. I'm copying something I saw on the internet to buy... I'll show you my inspiration and the final results tomorrow.  I went to East Coast Fabrics to get some fleece and bumped into  Liz from Busy Lizzie in Brizzie.  She's got so many things she needs to sew for at the moment, but I'm sure she'll do it. It was fun to get excited together about the fabric